Cosplay Is Not Sexual Consent #YesAllWomen

Since it is convention season right now, and since a hot topic at the moment is violence against women and #YesAllWomen, and since I came across this very apt video that sits at the crossroads of this venn diagram, I thought I would share this “case study” video with you courtesy of Marlene of the Youtube Channel “ilikecomicstoo”.

Basically what she talks about in this video is how men at conventions – especially interviewers – seem to find cosplay women, in their (often times) revealing costumes as a consent, a welcome mat for them to degrade them are reduce these women into the sum of their body parts and gender.

Cosplay is supposed to be a means for these women to escape into their favourite characters, to find some form of empowerment in them and to show off the effort they made in making their costumes and acting in them.

However, it is absolutely disgusting to know that the exact opposite happens because of misogynistic encounters and experiences such as the one documented in the video above.

It is saddening to read in the comments that some women choose to cosplay as their favourite male characters instead because of the fear that men will bark out such rude and thoughtless questions at them if they make any attempt to appear feminine.

So here is me supporting Marlene’s message, i.e. cosplay is not an open invitation for men to prostitute them. If you want to read further about the matter, Marlene also has a part two on her website here.

And for those cosplaying this convention season, you guys are amazing! Do not let what anyone says ever stop you from doing the things you love. This includes the guys as well. ‘Cause I’m sure girls are also guilty of doing it too.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤



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