Weekly Update: Mikky Ekko, Tanya’s Birthday and More Mario Kart 8

7 the rest - sunday

1. Song of the Week: Kids by Mikky Ekko

I think this song pretty much sums up my entire week. I spent the week watching Teen Wolf Season Three which was just really great. This was a song in part one (episode 12, Lunar Ellipse), where Scott responds to the Heart of Darkness quote: “When I feel it, I’m looking into the heart of an immense darkness.” (“So what do you instead?”) “I look for my friends.” Immediately when I heard this song in the background, I went looking for it and now I can’t stop listening to Mikky Ekko songs. Their incredible. Actually, Teen Wolf has a pretty incredible soundtrack as a whole. But then again, it’s an MTV show, so you expect no less.

2. Video of the Week: Tanya’s Birthday Adventures by Zoella

Honestly Zoe’s daily vlogs are like my reality tv series fix. This week it was Tanya Burr’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Tanya!) Watching her vids makes me feel like packing my bags and going to the English suburbs with the deer, the cute little houses, the beautiful wide expanses of grass and beaches and the enormous playgrounds! Living in a city, you really miss freedom and space.

3. LP of the Week: The Ultimate Comeback Mario Kart 8 by ChilledChaos

There were quite a few great LPs this week. But I felt like posting another Mario Kart 8 video by Chilled ’cause this was the first time in a long time he finally (SPOILERS) got the gold cup after Tom’s arrival – and after getting hit by so many shells as well. It was well-deserved.

And, again, no trailers ’cause I’ve been watching more movies than I have been watching trailers (I honestly don’t watch that many trailers unless there really are a couple of awesome movies coming up in the next month or so – and the only one I’m absolutely dying to watch at the moment is The Maze Runner and I’ve shown you that trailer). So, enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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