30DMC Day 23: A book or television show you wish would be made into a movie

Hello there guys!

So here’s the next 30 Day Movie Challenge: “A book or television show you wish would be made into a movie”.

Ready-Player-OneInitially, I did want to choose my favourite book, Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (you can check out my extensive review of it here). It’s packed full of action, very relevant to today’s current inclinations towards virtual reality with the Oculus Rift and, honestly, I want to see some of the scenes on screen. (Now give me some time here to explain why Ready Player One would make an absolutely awesome movie, but how it is not very feasible at the same time.)

What you may not know about the novel is that before it was even released in 2011, Warner Bros bought the rights to the film in 2010. Heck, it even has an imdb page for it that perpetually says in-development.

So why has it take it a good four year, and it still isn’t showing any light of day? Sparknotes summarises the problems very clearly in this article. In other words, there are so many copyright issues in turning Cline’s novel into a movie (in fact, there are entire scenes of other movies in it, and there is an entire game of Pac-man) and the novel itself is a massive undertaking in terms of effects and storyline. Now, you’ll argue that there were many books that have incredibly large stories that films have tackled in the past, but read this book and you’ll understand why you’ll need a lot more than two hours of your time in the cinema to get the full universe of OASIS.

So, in short, yes, I really want Ready Player One to be made into a movie – but an incredible one, which will definitely take it probably the twenty-eight years that Ender’s Game did. So, for now, it is not the movie I wish to see, therefore I now (after a very long explanation and internal conflict as to why I want to see that novel so badly but really don’t want to see it now) I will introduce the (and this time) television show I want to see as a movie …

Adventure Time

Adventure-TimeYes, I want a full-length, in-cinema two hour long movie on Adventure Time. It would be awesome, especially since Cartoon Network already does hour long episode marathons of it.

And yes, I’m aware that there is (in the making) an hour-long movie for Adventure Time coming up after season five, but that will be on television when CN finds the time slot and not on the big screen. I want a full-production, awesome movie the likes of The Simpson Movie. 

It could be an epic long journey, possibly in the search of Finn’s origins or a clue to the past? I feel like there is so much that could be done with such a movie that will not take away from the comforting short and weird episodes on television. It will definitely garner an audience of young and old, and you know for certain that it will have an incredible OST.

So please, Pendleton Ward, make it happen!

And yes, I know this post was two-thirds Ready Player One movie gripes and one third on Adventure Time, but I felt that I would not be satisfied without at least stressing why I would both love and hate it if the former came out and how I would fully embrace the latter, no questions asked.

So, last but not least, please go over to Rhey of Sunshine’s blog and take a look at how she’s doing for the 30 Day Movie Challenge, also she posts quotes, gratitude lists and plenty of other lovely things to satisfy your curiosity!

I’ll catch you guys again tomorrow!

cumuloq ❤


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