30DMC Day 25: Your favourite comedy movie

Welcome back to another 30 Day Movie Challenge!

Today’s all about my favourite comedy movie. Honestly, there are too many great comedies out there to just choose one – it all really depends on what you find humorous.

So here are five comedies that, at one time or another, made me laugh till I cried – or gave me tummy workouts. It really depends on what mood I am in to know which of these five are my favourite.

1. 21 Jump Street


Gonna watch the sequel tomorrow! But for now, it’s apparent that the cop duo of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, Schmidt and Jenko, are surprisingly hilarious and the lines and situations in this film are just gut-wrenching comedy gold.

21 Jump Street is based on an 80s television series of the same name. It is about two police officers who are forced to go undercover at their high school where a synthetic drug outbreak exists called H.F.S (I’ll avoid spelling it out – but you can imagine – the last two words are swear words). Their goal is to find the drug supplier and arrest him. My favourite scene (as my brother knows all too well) is when Schmidt and Jenko take the drug and experience all the effects.


Here’s the trailer for you guys:


2. I Love You, Man


Yup, another incredible bromance. This time it’s between two of my favourite comedy actors, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. My brother and I went to the cinema in town together to watch this and, maybe it’s the audience we watched it with, but this film was the funniest thing we saw the entire year hands down.

It’s the story of Peter, played by Paul Rudd, who is about to get married, but his wife, Zooey, played by the lovely Rashida Jones, realises he has no guy friends – at least none that he can have to fill in the Best Man position in the wedding. So Peter tries to meet a guy … awkward. But he manages to somehow come across Sydney who is everything Peter does not really want but needs.


3. Ted


Although some scenes in this film are absolutely crude, you can’t deny that it is hilarious and, at the end of the day, it has a great message. This is the story of John Bennett, played by Mark Wahlberg, who, as a kid wishes for a friend on Christmas and, the unlikely friend, comes in the shape of Ted, voiced by Seth MacFarlane. This film centres around John at an age when he should be well-grown out of having his teddy bear around.

My favourite scenes include John and his girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis) trying to clean up, for lack of a better term, poop off their apartment floor after Ted had played truth or dare with strippers earlier that night. Another is this one line where Ted is kidnapped but he breaks the serious moment by saying …

Ted: [while being carried inside a bag] Oh, I hear the fat kid running! I bet it’s hilarious!


4. Eurotrip


Eurotrip is probably one of the lesser known comedies on this list, but trust me, it is absolutely hilarious. It is one of the few movies that made both my brother and I laughing like idiots just from its introduction. Yes, it is really that surprisingly good. But, this is only on the condition that you have that kind of tongue-in-cheek college humour a la Old School

The story revolves around Scott who gets dumped by his girlfriend Fiona (played by Kristin Kreuk … if you remember her as Lana Lang from Smallville) during his graduation – caught on tape. He then takes a leap of faith, breaking free from his predictable nature, to visit his German pen pal during the summer break along with his best friend, Cooper, and the worst twins in the world, Jamie and Jenny. They then get into a lot of trouble in Europe.


5. Robin Hood: Men in Tights


Deciding to go to back when my brother and I were kids. This film was comedy gold – it probably still is, but I grew out of its humour. But, if the first four movies are too “mature” for you, then this one should sit nicely as the simplest form of humour possible.

This film is a direct parody of Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesIt is your standard Robin Hood story where he attempts to defeat the evil Prince John and his sheriff, win at an archery contest and rescue Maid Marian. But with many hilarious twists.


Other mentionable comedies? Harold & Kumar Go to White Castlethe wittiest script winner Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and EvolutionAnd if you can’t get enough funny movies, head over to Rhey of Sunshine’s blog for her choices.

Till tomorrow’s challenge!

cumuloq ❤


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