5 Songs for A Quiet Night Alone

4 my soundtracks - thursday

Since it’s been my (duly deserved) two weeks break this June, I’ve been searching for relaxing alternative music for my quiet nights alone, for blogging, or just scrolling down my dashboard on Tumblr, or for playing Peggle. So, I thought I’d like to share with you some of my finds.

These are five songs that I consider awesome to play on repeat for those nights when you’re up till three in the morning, those nights when you’re left with only you and your thoughts, and when you feel a little like your old teenage self again – questioning where you want to head in life, and wondering whether you’ve done everything right.


Oh, and I’d like to thank Teen Wolf for inspiring me with this playlist, ’cause frankly it was ’cause of looking up Mikky Ekko songs that the first song appeared on my Youtube homepage …

1. Whirlpool by Sea Wolf

2. Tenenbaum by The Paper Kites

3. Feel Real by Deptford Goth

4. Get Me Golden by Terraplane Sun

5. Nothing Like You and I by The Perishers

I’ve actually collected quite a few solid tunes into a playlist that I can listen to on loop at night. It’s like having friends in my headphones while the entire house is asleep. Yup, I’m an absolute night owl when it comes to holidays. My entire sleeping schedule just goes head over heels.

So, this one is for all the night owls. Hoot hoot.

cumuloq ❤


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