30DMC Day 27: Your favourite horror movie

Welcome back, guys!

I hope you have wonderful plans for your weekends, whether it be staying at home and getting a well-deserved rest, or planning an memorable afternoon with friends and family. I know for a fact that I’ll be having fun later with Rhey of Sunshine (do check out her blog).

And, maybe tonight you can watch the horror movie I mention in this post at night for a good fun scream …

Drag Me To Hell


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Now, before I go on and talk about this movie (I should have probably written this part before I revealed the movie itself, but tough cookie) I want to just say that I’m honestly not much of a horror movie fan – although I am also not one that gets easily spooked while watching one.

There was a time, however, when I was absolutely fascinated by horror movies. ‘Cause the house I lived in in Indonesia for three years at that time had a bad aura to it itself. And I heard a lot of things at night during that time.

I was fascinated by old houses and the stories behind them during that period and ghosts and dolls and witches and demons and ouija boards. That’s when I used to watch a lot of The OthersThe RingShutter (Thai version), The Grudge, The Uninvited, Jeepers Creepers, Hide and Seek, The Sixth Sense and The Eye.

But personally, I’ve learnt that while I can sit through those movies, I’m just not a fan. I’m not a fan for paying to get scared – and when I say scared I mean that hour before you go to bed and everything that just stood out from the movie just replays in your mind, burning holes there. I have a really active imagination, and the scariest parts are probably those that I manifest myself.

Drag Me To Hell is probably an exception to this rule, as this film stands out from the rest in the sense that Sam Raimi does hilariously terrifying well. I went to watch this with one of my friends, not knowing what I was getting into or what to expect. Well, not really, I expected it to be a straightforward horror – but what I ended up getting out of it was a crazy mix of jump scares and laughing till my stomach hurt.


Source: dreadcentral.com

The story follows Christine Brown who is a loan officer at a bank. One day she meets an old woman, Mrs Ganush, who is about to lose her house. Christine refuses to let her have an extension on her loan and the old woman ends up cursing her, a curse that will literally drag her to hell if she is unable to rid herself of it. Her goal then for the rest of the movie is to attempt to get rid of the demon that is upon her.

This movie taught me that even if it’s broad daylight out, you’re never safe from a scare.

Personally, like any movie, I believe the less you know about the horror film you’re about to watch, the better. ‘Cause the best things that come out of horror are the unexpected. So I won’t go into detail of the specifics of the scenes.

What I would like to mention, however, is that one thing I appreciate about this film, which other films sometimes forget about, is that it converses well with the cultural landscape it is in. The situation Christine gets herself into does not feel forced; it feels appropriate for her position in life. Or, maybe it’s because I’ve watched too many American adaptations/versions of Asian movies that watching this film, which draws horror from Mexico rather than try to stretch itself by grasping at straws at cultures halfway across the globe, was refreshing.

I also thought that it lent itself an important moral at the end of the film – most films just remind me of spooky scenes and never add to my experience. And, last but not least, it does not try to overload gory scenes on you, the horror is really just horror. And films that are able to do that, in my opinion, that are more nuanced when it comes to scary moments, able to time them properly, are much more appreciated. At the end of the day I don’t want to be hiding behind my popcorn box, and screaming, and then at the end of the day trying to shut out scenes rather than recalling brilliant moments and curiously googling the folklore behind it all.

Here’s the trailer for anyone interested to see what the movie is like (I realise just me talking about it doesn’t really give you a good picture of what watching the film is like):

So till next!

cumuloq ❤


3 thoughts on “30DMC Day 27: Your favourite horror movie

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  2. I have to say I think the actors did so well in this movie. More importantly… that scene with the old lady and the eyes and the liquid stuff coming out (being vague in order to avoid spoilers for others), seriously… that was feral… so gross… true horror and I felt sick seeing that part. Maybe that is my own thing… I don’t know, but blergh!

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