30DMC Day 28: Your favourite action/adventure movie

I don’t like action movies.

Sorry, I should say hi first. “Hi”. And I don’t like action movies. Not my type whatsoever. Never watched Die Hard, none of the Indiana Jones films, no to Terminators, have never watched Robocop, or The Borne Ultimatum, or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, or Kill Bill (seeing a trend in the films I don’t watch?), never watched a single James Bond movie or Top Gun, or The Expendables, or Mission Impossible, or Mr and Mrs Smith, or 300 – I think I can stop listing it now, but yes, any big action blockbuster – I’ve probably never watched it.

I don’t care if the guy is hot, I really really don’t care, buff bodybuilders who cock guns and wield large weapons to compensate for their lack of manhood is not my cup of hot milk tea. I have no appreciation for fighting choreography nor huge explosions – I understand it takes a lot of stunt doubles and choreography to get it all done, I appreciate the hard work done behind it, but I will not waste two hours watching a movie of that genre.

Whenever my boyfriend asks me to watch one of them, I tell him to watch it with his guy friends, ’cause you have to drag me in there (with a huge popcorn combo to keep me occupied) to make me watch one.

But I have exceptions to this action rule – comedy and science-fiction. If it’s a good blend of science-fiction and action, I’ll watch it. It it disguises itself as a decent comedy like Shanghai Noon, then I’ll watch it. So, here’s my choice for today’s 30 Day Movie Challenge …

Alien: Resurrection


Source: impawards.com

I know, I could have picked any of the Alien movies and I’ve chosen this one. But still, this one is such a guilty pleasure that, after watching it the first time (’cause of a university module), I ended up watching it another two times in that same week. So, yes, I have to admit it is my favourite action movie, as action movies go.

This film takes place two hundred years after Ellen Ripley’s death, she is brought back to life, having a mix of alien and human in her. She is then brought to a ship where they are also breeding aliens for study, which later escape and begin taking over the ship, sending it on a course to earth. It is up to Ripley to get her group out of the ship before it crashes down to earth.

Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, this Alien film has a different atmosphere to the rest of the Alien movies. There is more humour to it, and is a little lighter – although there are still several thought-provoking and also absolutely terrifying moments. It is written by (shocker) Joss Whedon, who may not have liked the take on his script, but I can still see his writing shine through in this film. I mean, trust him to make Ripley such a BAMF.


So, let’s summarise? I agree it’s not the best action film, it’s not the worse either – it’s my favourite ’cause of three very simple reasons: Ripley is awesome here, the plot is clean (thanks to Joss Whedon) and very rewatchable and the aliens are incredible.

Don’t forget to check out Rhey of Sunshine‘s blog to find out her pick of favourite action/adventure movie. I’m sure her pick is more befitting today – she’s less allergic to action movies than I am.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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