Teen Wolf Season 4 and My Favourites

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I’ve been binge watching seasons 1 to 3 of Teen Wolf for about a month now, and now it feels awkward, with the arrival of season four, to have to watch one episode per week. I don’t like the idea of waiting with cliffhangers at the end of each show.

If you have never watched Teen Wolf and have always been a skeptic of such shows, trust me, I agree with your initial impulse reactions. I have yet to find an amazing supernatural TV show since Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And I personally decided to avoid jumping on the The Vampire Diaries bandwagon. Now, personally, Teen Wolf is my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fix.


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Season 4 starts with the first episode entitled “The Dark Moon”. It begins in Mexico with Stiles and Lydia attempting to enter the Calavera’s house, a house of hunters, so as to “buy” Derek back. I won’t go into the entire episode itself here, don’t worry about it, just the set-up of the entire thing. If, however, you’re wondering the significance of the title, “The Dark Moon”, it’s all about how it’s a period of grief. The true implications of this title however is not clearly revealed in the episode itself and may take a few episodes from now to reveal how important it may be to the plot.

What I want to mostly fill this post with, and the purpose of this post, is to pen down a sort of mini 30 day challenge in here, i.e. to reflect on all my (thus far) favourite parts of the series.


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Let’s begin with my favourite male character which has to be Stiles Stilinski, whose real name, may I add and remind watchers of the show, has yet to be revealed and is one plot point I hope will be revealed down the road soon. Stiles reminds me of (since I am paralleling Buffy and Teen Wolf) a young Xander Harris, i.e. he’s the faithful sidekick that does everything he can to help, and is not supernatural himself. Often times his encounters with the supernatural are not pleasant, he is still far too fascinated and hypnotised by it to get away from the entire debacle.

One thing I love about Stiles character is his relationship with his father. Stiles attempts to help his dad with his criminal investigations and always feels like the screw-up son, ’cause he is constantly getting into trouble and has (not sure whether it’s hinted or said specifically) attention deficit disorder. Yet the two of them are all they have got in the world, and so their incredibly close as a family unit.


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And now my favourite female character is Lydia Martin. At first I really did not like her, she seemed shallow and seemed to be an archetype of the head cheerleader; but she slowly grew on me, possibly due to the impact being a banshee has had on her so far, and Lydia has overtaken Allison by a mile as my favourite female character.

What I love about Lydia is that, although she is incredibly unsure of her new powers and about what’s going on around her, she still remains confident in her intelligence. The pack always comes to her when they’re lost as she is literally a supernatural compass.

My favourite season has to be season three part one, personally ’cause I loved the Celtic mythology and ’cause it had the most impressive script and plot. There was so much in that season that left me gasping and having to wrap my brain around. All I’ve got to say is that the people who wrote that season were awesome.

My favourite episodes in that season has to be a tie between Chaos Rising (episode two) and Motel California (episode six). The latter I watched through my periphery ’cause it has literally got to be the most terrifying Teen Wolf episodes yet. But I personally love it because the most “incapable” or least supernatural people of the group, Stiles, Allison and Lydia, were left to rescue the rest of the pack from near certain death. It also revealed the cruxes of all the characters who you’d believe to be one-dimensional.


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Other mentions, I love the additions of Kira and Malia. I wish Kira was more self-assured of herself however. I feel like she’s settling into the “mysterious feminine Asian” stereotype, and I don’t want that to happen, i.e. I don’t want her to be defined by her ethnicity. Malia is gorgeous. I personally think she’s the most beautiful in the cast and I want to love her but her story is still being unfolded and needs a lot more development before I do decide whether I like her. Personally, I don’t like how she’s being paired with Stiles. I still ship Stydia. 😉

One thing I have to say however is that I love the dynamics of the pack that’s starting in this season’s first episode. They work as a unit very much like the Scooby Gang of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and that’s nice to see. I also love how this unit also consists of kick-ass girls. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a group fighting against the supernatural and the hunters alike. If this is what season four will end up looking like, I’m all for it.

If you have yet to check out Teen Wolf, or are still unsure of whether to watch it, I suggest that you give it a chance. Right now’s when most series are currently on hiatus/have ended their current seasons, but Teen Wolf is just picking up again. The first season is pretty solid, you’ll love the bromance between Scott and Stiles. The second season is pretty dreary, but get through it and you’ll be awarded with the gem which is season three.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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