Poem: of plagiarized sentiments

6 inklings - saturday

i walk the hallway with its rainbow of lights
we can’t last forever,
watching them –
it’s a foolish practice –
i find a small smile to give
i begin to find evidence of human habitation
i fade away from the crowd
watching the humans disappear
watching them dissolve
a soft static hum
i fear your faith has been misplaced
it was somehow beautiful and creepy, all at once
all its secrets
and all its foolish casual cruelty
it was self-defence
the mere word was anathema

Hey guys! So the above poem is a rough amalgamation of various lines found from fourteen different books. Some of them have been adapted to fit the poem’s atmosphere, but for the most part they all have been “plagiarized”. My intention in doing this … well, you can infer yourself, but there is an intention to it. It’s not that I just felt “crap I don’t really feel like writing a poem so I’ll just put a bunch of lines together” (or is it? No, no it wasn’t.) It took me a while to find the perfect lines, especially in the books that weren’t altogether poetic.

– cumuloq ❤


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