30 Things Wrong with The Giver trailer

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After finishing off The Giver (the book) today I realised, with absolute indignation, how different the new Hollywood movie trailer is from it. And how I would so much more prefer if they stayed true to the book. ‘Cause the book has a lot of beauty in its simplicity. And no one needs another comparison to The Hunger Games. So I decided to list off all the things wrong with it:

  1. Jonas is supposed to be twelve. This is the most obvious thing about it. Can Hollywood not take a movie and put in pretty looking teenagers and call it a day?
  2. His eyes are supposed to be blue. If you’re going to get an actor that looks like he can barely act, at least make his eye colour right.
  3. The Giver’s eyes are supposed to be blue. Again, same thing.
  4. The houses, the bikes and the society as a whole aren’t meant to look modern.
  5. The film really shouldn’t have so much colour in it.
  6. There was never a “morning injection”.
  7. Jonas was never rebellious, even after getting all the memories.
  8. They always knew that their family unit consisted of “parents” who never gave birth to them, but they were always okay with this.
  9. Hence, Jonas and Asher has no reason to be stunned by this.
  10. Jonas never talks to Asher about rebelling against society.
  11. Jonas never asked to go fly a plane to the edge of the community.
  12. Jonas never spoke to Fiona about the morning injections (about skipping them), or anything against societal rules.
  13. He wasn’t even very close to Fiona.
  14. Therefore he definitely did not end up kissing her.
  15. Fiona is an important character – but nowhere near as important as the trailer suggests.
  16. Jonas never even had to subtly pretend that he did not take injections – his rules gave him the ability to.
  17. Asher does not end up a pilot.
  18. He definitely does not get asked by the Chief Elder to hunt down Jonas.
  19. The “edge of the world” is not supposed to be a thing – there’s only supposed to be a river at the end of their community and then other communities.
  20. The Giver does not live in a random house at the edge of the community – he stays at the annex near the house for the Old.
  21. Jonas is supposed to be lying face down when he receives the memories.
  22. The Giver should definitely look older.
  23. The Giver never gives Jonas the memory of music.
  24. The Chief Elder was never a “resistant” figure or enemy to Jonas.
  25. We never even hear much from her or the elders about the society.
  26. If anything the entire community and the elders are supposed to be oblivious and ignorant, not purposefully hiding the rest of the community from how it is ordered.
  27. Fiona will never get “released”.
  28. There is technically no sign of hostility in the community in the book at all.
  29. Jonas does not get “beamed up” into a plane.
  30. He definitely does not fall down a waterfall.

And, to add on to all these things that are incongruent to the novel, I need to also say that I absolutely hate trailers that basically summarise the entire movie in it – including parts that are supposed to be spoilers. So if you came here and read this list and thought I spoilt it for you, no I really really did not. Everything I mentioned here is in the trailer itself.

Still, at the end of the day I’m going to watch it, to see whether this adaptation is a worthy story in itself.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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