When You Finish A Book

Came across this little gem while surfing the net, and I thought I’d share it with you:

The truest part here, for me, is where one minute you’re reading and the next minute you’re not. And it sounds really “duh”, but those lines just sum it up perfectly. One minute you’re at a good pace and you are at a good emotional level with the characters and the plot and then you realise the words stop and you’re just holding a book that is no longer speaking to you – it becomes, once more, an inanimate object.

Thank goodness I’m only halfway through Gaiman’s Neverwhere and taking it as slow as possible.

Till next time,

Cumuloq ❤


One thought on “When You Finish A Book

  1. I hate that feeling, so I like to read lots of series – but then when you finish a series, the book hangover is even worse! What am I supposed to do then???

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