30DDC Day 1: Favourite Incarnation of the Doctor

I should have posted a disclaimer in my announcement earlier that this 30 Days of the Doctor Challenge will only revolve around the new series and not the older ones (’cause I have never seen those). I spent about three months at the end of last year and earlier this year catching up with the new series.

So for my favourite incarnation I will definitely have to discard the earlier Doctors and choose from Eccleston, Tennant and Smith. Here, I’m going to say that all of them were great, in my opinion. To compare them and suggest that one is better than the other is like choosing your favourite child. Each Doctor really enabled the writers to explore different areas of the Doctor’s universe, issues and relationships. But among them, my favourite is (by the skin of his teeth), David Tennant, i.e. The Tenth Doctor.

Why the Tenth?


‘Cause Tennant allowed for more dramatic and challenging episodes like “Midnight”. He settled into the role as the Doctor as though he were the result of a snake shedding old skin. It seemed natural. The Tenth Doctor was someone you could depend on, despite all the chaos.


I also preferred his catchphrase, as opposed to “Geronimo!” Geronimo makes it sound like you’re recklessly jumping into something. Meanwhile, “Allonsy” makes it sound like an invitation to an adventure. Albeit each catchphrase is befitting for each Doctor, I prefer the idea of being invited into an adventure in the Tardis, rather than being shoved out a plane with a ticking time bomb.


I also prefer the Tenth Doctor because of his storyline (though this can’t be helped), he had some of the most iconic alien encounters and adventures. His relationship with Rose, the Bad Wolf, his farewell, the first Weeping Angel, the adipose … each one of these stories is forged together with the image of Tennant.


And because of all these reasons, because the Tenth Doctor is just filled with amazing “feels”, he is my favourite incarnation of the Doctor.

– Cumuloq ❤


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