Announcement: 30 Days of the Doctor Challenge!


Since Doctor Who Series 8 will be premiering on the 23 August 2014, 30 days from now, I thought it appropriate that I start and complete a 30 Days of the Doctor Challenge! Unlike the Book and Movie Challenges, they will not be featured on the main bar on my blog, however they will be searchable with the tag “30DDC”. So every day from now I will be completing Doctor-Who-related challenges and sharing in my love of the television series before Peter Capaldi takes the stage!

Unlike the other challenges, I will not be showing the list in advance, however you can check it out (as per usual I’ve borrowed it off of, and would like to credit, Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges!)

Excited for the new series?

Follow my blog to keep posted on challenge updates!

Cumuloq ❤


One thought on “Announcement: 30 Days of the Doctor Challenge!

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