30DDC Day 30: What I want to see in Series 8


And here we are, about a hundred gifs and dozen of videos later, on the last day of the 30 Days of the Doctor Challenge. Tomorrow, the new Doctor Who episode for Series 8 will be out. Us Whovians have been waiting for this with bated breath.

Despite the apparent spoilers that have gone around that have spoilt the initial launch of this new series, I have been keeping myself mostly in the dark. Unlike most fans who have probably watched Doctor Who all their lives since they were young, completely immersed in the fandom, I’ve pretty much started watching it in December last year, and try to keep myself apart from all the hype – it feels as if there is a difference between my twelve-year-old Harry Potter fandom self and me now.

All that I currently know of are the teaser trailers and the episode synopsis that Steven Moffat has recently released. (You can find them here.)

So, what do I want to see from Series 8?


Firstly I want to see what the dynamics between Clara and this new Doctor will be like. It’s apparent that Clara and the 11th Doctor had a strange friendship bordering on possible romance that can be paralleled to Martha and the 10th Doctor – but now that Peter Capaldi has put his foot down against a love interest developing, I’m excited to see how the friendship will develop.

Personally, I’m looking forward to new companions as well. Not that I don’t love Jenna, but I would love to see other possibilities. I’m also looking forward to new villains that can possibly rival the Weeping Angels and the Silence, ones that challenge the new doctor and also enable him to show more wrath against his enemies.

I’m also hoping to see the writers explore more on the themes of humanity. I hope they don’t take the “time travel” aspect for granted and try to push more boundaries in terms of understanding human compassion or hatred. I think with today’s circumstances, with all the heated debates on war and human rights, Series 8 of Doctor Who should try and wrestle with the differing views of our place in the world to make decisions for ourselves and others.

Enough talk.

Series 8 tomorrow! Excited! For now enjoy the trailer:

– Cumuloq ❤


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