Poem: patchworked up

6 inklings - saturday

This poem I wrote at 2am in the morning is pretty personal. Nothing too overt to be painful enough to share – but painful enough. The inspiration for this poem comes from 5 Seconds of Summer’s song, Amnesia. I’m not a 5SOS fan, but I love this song. I first heard it when a youtuber, KimmiSmiles, did a cover of it. It was stuck in my head all this week, and I wondered why. A lot of random memories came back to me this week. And this song seems to be the summation, the wormhole, for these memories. So yeah, this one really digs deep for me.


Credits go to: Nikolas Brummer

sew together the cardboard paper
the art class of greeting cards
and trips to the waiting – room
and confusing condolences to an eight – year – old
who drew a bird
with aching wings
only to discover it – caged in the ream

and suture it – with
the old newspaper – he held as he listed out stupid reasons
why her – contemplations
of the constellations
– and the distance
from the stars to our moon was shorter – than the distance from his home
to her heart –

and her innocent lack of understanding why he was cross
– stitch this with the fatalist –
the lyricist who strung the words
amnesia into a discollection – of recovery or perhaps

(and maybe it’s true,
that being whole means having two ..
and this is the meaning of less than three)

a recollection of discovery

and like a patch
am i a fool? to believe
these fragments could work together –
or scatter themselves
like spring rain on – dry – grass?

and why wouldn’t i mind? numbing the pin – pricks on cloth
clothing myself in the cold? as
this patience disguises the patent – absence
of whole –
– heartedness
this patient lying in the communal ward
begging for pain – killers
and this impatient boy – lying to the common girl –
with her begging pain

why wouldn’t i mind?
as the Nevers kill me before i sleep.

– cumuloq ❤


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