Assessing this Week’s Damages

5 tgfyv - friday

Hey guys!

So this week has been pretty gosh darn busy. I haven’t had much time to blog – but I’m surprised I managed where I have.

The damage count currently stands at twelve chapters of readings done this week, two and a half books read (currently in the middle of reading Patricia McCormick’s Sold), one episode of Doctor Who and Teen Wolf respectively, $50 spent on late night impulse shopping, laundry done, changed bedsheets, currently have 50 overdue youtube videos to watch and one Doctor Who episode behind.

It’s currently 2.35am as I try to clear the damage counter. The victims in this situation include my eyebags, the electronic bill, and sleep deprivation. And maybe my nail polish which I had to redo twice ’cause I was just not satisfied with the outcome – still am not.

Next week I still have yet to prepare for a graded presentation, read another book for a group meeting, prepare for a grammar exam – and that is only the concrete foreseeable warning triggers. I have a feeling that the readings will only become more severe, more heavy.

Do we call this Friday yet?

For now I shall continue to reduce the number of videos on my Youtube Watch Later List. Continuing with this one:

Oh, and I have a poem coming up tomorrow! Stay tuned for that. 🙂

Till next time,

a very tired cumuloq ❤


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