Being a Kid: Ask Questions

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Hey guys,

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So I did something yesterday that I realised was somehow oddly satisfying that I want to share with you guys. Basically it began when I past by Reddits’ “Ask Like I’m Five” thread, which basically has a person asking a question and people on Reddit will answer the person like they are a five year old kid. This is an amazing tag for people who have really tough questions, esp. philosophical or scientific, and have people answer them in the most straightforward and simple way – oh, if only life was that easy and people we pass by on the streets or our teachers or parents or friends could be just as straightforward.

Well, this thread inspired me, for a day, to write down and take note of all the random questions I had in my head. Over the course of the day, I realised that I was asking and being more inquisitive about things around me, I was asking questions that I did not know I had – but genuinely wanted to know. This also made me feel more guilty. It made me guilty of the fact that I had never been proactive enough to actually find out the answers to my questions and that, at my age, I should already know the answers to them by now.

Such questions included:

  • Why does Stephen Hawking use the electronic voice when there are voices like Siri nowadays that sound a lot more humanlike?
  • If you Google Search “am i on the internet” what will show up?
  • Why do fingers prune in water?
  • Why do eyedrops need to be thrown away after a month?
  • What is the Lousiana Purchase?
  • Why do leaves need to be swept off the street?
  • Why do smells trigger memories?
  • How does toothpaste help burns?
  • How many times can you use a face mask in a week?
  • Why do humans ask so many questions?
  • What is swastika?
  • Why did the Nazis use it as their symbol?
  • What is the origin of the phrase “by the way”?

As mentioned, there was something oddly satisfying about listing down all the questions I thought in one day and to find out the answers. I guess it is visual proof that I am learning something useful in that day and that it is not all gone to waste.

And imagine the number of questions a kid asks!

Maybe I’ll make it a regular practice to spend one day a week actively noting down the questions I ask and writing down the answers. I found this a really enlightening experiment.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


One thought on “Being a Kid: Ask Questions

  1. I seriously loved your questions. Although some may shake their heads at some of them I loved them. Especially the swastika ones. Well actually all of them. Has anyone responded with answers? If they have could you post those? Thanks and Have a Blessed Day!

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