Words for Autumn Poems or Stories

Autumn Semantic Map

For those who want a semantic mapping of all words related to autumn, either for your poem or a blog post or a story, I share with you my Wordle, i.e. Word Cloud!

I took some time to collate a couple words related to Autumn that might inspire you to write something about this season. What I’ve learnt from my Creative Writing classes is that semantic mapping can help create a bigger picture of something without necessarily saying the word.

As humans, we have created huge word banks in our minds with multiple connections in between them. Therefore, if I just say “pumpkin” you might think of “Autumn” even though pumpkins may not naturally connote the meaning of Autumn. This is similar for any of the words I present in the picture above.

So go ahead and feel free to use and share this around. Plus, it’s a bonus that Wordle happened to shape it to look a bit like a leaf. 🙂

Till next time,

Cumuloq ❤



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