Poem: River Song

6 inklings - saturday

she was an alien, they said
she memorised the dates of scientists
and their experiments
John Dalton Robert Brown
Neils Bohr Otto Hahn
she was extraterrestrial
packing lunch from the canteen
and eating in the classroom
she didn’t speak our language
she boarded herself in the words of dead people
and dead strange worlds
Ancelstierre and Carthak
she seemed to look past us
at the wall, or the ceiling, or the floor
like she’s dislodged from this timezone
an hour ahead
or a dozen hours behind
she’s unidentifiable
and foreign
and objectifiable
she does not love
she does not breathe the air we breath
she holds her breath
and words
and smiles
she’s so strange
rewriting every sentence from her textbook
into her notebook
and endlessly drawing trees
as though she has never seen one in her life
or has seen all of them and wants them back
and when we cheer or laugh or celebrate
she is not with us.


This poem was inspired by the canteen scene from the video game “To the Moon”. When I was a teenager, I always felt like people had a lot to say about me before they even got to know me in my new school. This is how I imagined I appeared to be like. And this is how I felt I was treated.

I’ll leave you with the beautiful “For River” song from the video game. 🙂 Finishing it now and it leaves me with so many emotions.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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