My Top 10 Funniest Youtube Gaming Moments of 2014

Hey guys!

I think I’ve spent a good portion of my time this weekend scavenging my Youtube favourites and likes for my favourite moments of 2014. This list will be the funniest Youtube Gaming moments of 2014. I understand that I’ll probably miss some great videos because I’m not such a conscientious “favourite” and “liker”, but that’s okay. This list is still awesome nonetheless.

10. SeaNanner’s Pizza Madness “Sark’s Amazing Answer”

Sark's Response

I think this was the video where everyone on the SeaNanners channel realised that Sark was the epic master of hilarious answers to Chilled’s ridiculous questions.

9. Derp Crew Little Big Planet “How Fast Can You Press X?”

I just don’t even want to describe it because of how wrong it is … but sometimes things that are terribly risque are also terribly funny.

8. Speed Runners “You Go Left”

I think it’s pretty obvious that a video that incorporates so many awesome Youtube gamers would end up being side-splittingly good.

7. Game Grumps’ Super Mario 3D World “You Got to Go Fast”

This entire series was amazing but I think this was the halfway point where Ross and Arin just got absolutely nuts. And it was such a joy to watch.

6. RoosterTeeth Family Feud “Name something women have trouble doing when they a – “

Ah, those amazing moments when fails become successes and you’re so thankful that you’ve got it recorded. A close second to this is Ray’s “Eucalyptus!” moment.

5. Game Grumps’ DoA “Helena Desperation”

The time when Arin went absolutely insane trying to impress a video game character and Danny just could not take anything seriously anymore and everyone in the comments section questioned Arin’s devotion to his wife, Suzy.

4. Let’s Play Minecraft “I’ll Just Be Going on My Way” (Episode 102 – Grounded)

When Gavin never fails to do something beyond the valley of stupid – or have just plain terrible luck.

3. SeaNanner’s Girlfriend Cheats

When the King of Cheatsydoodles shows his girlfriend how to play Prop Hunt and she wows him by accidentally stumbling on one of the best cheatsy hiding spots on a map he’s played countless times.

2. Game Grumps “CondomRoss” and “Calling Ross’s Dad”

The awkward moment when the word “Rubber” is too dirty for a children’s MMO but “Condom” is not. And the amazing moment when a grown man needs to call his dad from halfway across the globe just so he can get permission to chat. (The link further in the video is here.)

1. Derp Crew Mario Kart 8 “Terrible Things Happen to GaLm”

And this one has to be my number one pick for funniest moment in a gaming video because when I saw this I literally cried with laughter and I’ve watched it again and again over twenty times. I also thought it was apt to end it with Mario Kart 8 and the Derp Crew because a large portion of 2014 was spent with me watching them.

So, do you have any favourites to share? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll definitely watch them. Personally I hope for many more hilarious moments in 2015.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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