Poem: the wires worn

6 inklings - saturday

what are wires for
hello hello
they form a halo around
my chest
white-hot and searing
they pierce my wrists
form a knot at the other end
and pull pull tighter now

what are wires for
they stick me up
back straight, legs apart
don’t scream
you scream you die
you smile you’re hired
and wired along
look at my collection of perfectly formed
mannequin family there

they do everything i say
aren’t they
everything we need?
no excuses nothing slackening
pull it taut
do what you’ve learned
in school
the wiring

what are wires for?
stick em up for sale
hanging there for everyone to see
check the price tag
made in china
and more than i’m willing to pay
a visit to the secondhand store
the wires all jagged and sticking out
you’ll get hepatitis
a story your mother says.

in comes a woman
tattooed arm sleeves
different. too different.
a blowtorch – a halo
of orange red and blue
hello hello
these wires take shapes
never known before
dna strands of copper
weaving angel wings in
her backyard

what are wires for?
we wear ourselves in coloured strands
along a backyard alley
there we wear away
stare at the wired frames
and wonder.

– cumuloq ❤


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