30DSC Day 04: Favourite youtube artist

Hi everyone!

Another day, another challenge. So for today I’ll be sharing my (current) favourite Youtube artist, Sarah Close (SarahClose1). She’s a songwriter from England and does such mesmerising covers. Some of my favourites I will share here include:

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

She Looks So Perfect – 5 Seconds of Summer

Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding

What I like best about her is that she looks like she really loves and is passion about what she is singing. It’s very bare: her and her keyboard. I also love how effortless and clean her voice is. It just melts down the ear canal like molasses – which is such a horrible attempt at imagery because molasses don’t belong in ears, but yes, that’s what it’s like.

For those who want to know, and also for my personal listing, here are a few other amazing Youtube artists that you should check out – I’m sure you know some of them though because they are house names in Youtube (ones with extra love get asterisks!). I’m too lazy to drop a link so I hope you don’t mind just googling them:

  • Against the Current
  • Alyssa Bernal
  • Chad Neidt
  • Chad Sugg
  • Charity Vance
  • Dave Days
  • Drew Tabor
  • Alex Goot
  • Graham Stookey
  • Jacquie Lee
  • Kina Grannis
  • Lauren Bonnell**
  • Madilyn Bailey
  • Megan Nicole
  • The Fergies**
  • Christina Grimmie

Anyway, do check out Rhey of Sunshine once more. And I’ll update you guys tomorrow on my favourite male artist – oh wow, so difficult. Not an artist person. Haha.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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