30DSC Day 09: Live gig or act you want to see

Hi everybody!

It’s a Monday. But hopefully I can make you feel better with this post. Today’s 30 Day Song Challenge is which gig I would love to see live. For me, I’m pretty much tuckered out when it comes to live concerts. I am more than content with Yellowcard being the last concert I see and ever will see for the rest of my life.

I guess here I can share with you who I have already seen, just in case you think “Is she crazy? Doesn’t she want to see so and so band live?” My very first concert was a Good Charlotte concert. Honestly one of the most non-event shows I’ve been to. Either because I have terrible memory of how it went, or because I had one of the seat tickets and that really changes the entire atmosphere and feeling you get from being at a concert. I can’t really recall what my next one was, it was either Fall Out Boy or Hoobastank. Both were really good, a really good set list. But Fall Out Boy was possibly the most epic in terms of performance. They really had so much energy on stage and I still remember that concert till today. The next concert I went to was My Chemical Romance. Amazingly theatrical and I got to go with my brother. Honestly, concerts are better as shared experiences. And the last concert (or should I say last two) I went to were Yellowcard – and it was another memorable one.

Looking back on all of them, I feel like I really got all I could out of concert going. I also have particular criteria as to why I would want to go to a concert to begin with. I feel like it’s pretty useless going to a concert if you don’t know all of the band’s songs – though not knowing a handful is alright because you learn of a new song that you suddenly love. But I’d rather not go to a concert if I am not a genuine fan of the band or artist.

So the band I would actually see live is …

Relient K

It’s been a while – but I feel like I owe my younger self the opportunity to see them live. Because if there is any band that I don’t like the idea of having missed seeing live it would be them. They’re a Christian pop rock band that I followed for about two of their albums. I’m pretty far behind on their music, honestly. But just to see them live and see them sing “Be My Escape” would just make it all worth it. But the chances are pretty slim because they’re not as popular now as back then.

Apart from that, I would actually love to see Fall Out Boy live again. It would be extremely tempting. They were honestly that good the last time they were around. They actually did come a second time, but that was during a busy time of studying in my life.

So, yup, Relient K or Fall Out Boy again. I’m not a fan of watching solo artists live.

Lastly, again, please do check out Rhey of Sunshine’s choice. It’s always surprising to look at different music tastes, and I’ll catch you tomorrow for my guilty pleasure song – I have a feeling there’s going to be more than one. Oh dear.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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