30DSC Day 12: Favourite song from an advert

Hi everyone!

So continuing with the 30 Day Song Challenge – this challenge is me trying to finish posting on a list of prompts for every day over a span of 30 days. I realise I haven’t really explained it much throughout the past few days because I assumed it was pretty much clear. My bad. Anyway, I have been doing this challenge with the lovely Rhey of Sunshine. Do check out her blog to see what she’s posting for today’s challenge, which is “Favourite song from an advert(isement)”.

I don’t know whether it’s just me, or the lack of television I actually watch nowadays, but I hardly see jingles anymore. I’m not so sure whether that’s a good or bad thing, but when I was a kid I used to love humming jingles or singing along to the background music of an advertisement. It made ads so much more bearable.

My favourite was definitely the 1998 ad that was shown for the Australia Home Qantas airlines (Click on the link to see it, because embedding for this one is disabled). Personally, I felt more connected to this song than the Australian national anthem when I was a kid.

Shortly before the 1999 Superbowl, and during other occasions, people worldwide have seen a very special Qantas commercial featuring the Australian Girls Choir and National Boys Choir. The same song, interpreted differently, trimmed down to 2 minutes, and filmed in many many corners of the globe, such as the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Great Wall of China, the Kings Canyon in Australia, etc. The most expensive Australian ad ever made (USD 3 million) and one of the most expensive worldwide, this is truly impressive.

Eleven years after the original one, a newer version was released in 2009 which is just as beautiful:

I just feel like this is a perfect example of how a heartfelt song can just stick with you through an advert.

My second favourite ad songs definitely has to be Cadbury’s take on the Beach Boy’s song “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” which I found incredibly hilarious when I was a kid.

So what’s your favourite ad song? Let me know, and I’ll catch you tomorrow when I share my favourite song from a TV show.

Till then,

cumuloq ❤


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