30DSC Day 13: Favourite song from a TV show

Hi guys!

So this is where the 30 Day Song Challenge takes its toll on me, because this has pretty much been a busy and tiring week. I decided to be Wonder Woman on Wednesday and both work and hang out with friends after and I realise that that is just not something I have the energy to do. Practically wiped out on the way home. Anyway, today’s challenge is favourite song from a TV show.

I think I kind of cheated with my choice here, ’cause it’s not exactly a television show. It definitely is a series, but not exactly one on TV. It’s from a web series called Video Game High School done up by Rocket Jump Studios. I think I posted about it a while back. I binged watched the series when I was sick and feeling guilty and just needed some comfort watching.

Anyway, I recalled hearing the song, “Light Up the Night” by The Protomen during one of the action scenes in the show and I got completely hooked on it because it has such a cool vibe and it makes me feel like I can take on the world.

The song starts at 10:01 from the series itself, available below. Here, Brian is versing the Law in Dance X Machina meanwhile his best friend, Ted, is versing the Drift King in a race. Enjoy.

Light Up the Night by The Protomen from Video Game High School

Alternatively, you can just listen to the plain vanilla of the song:


And, just because just one song isn’t good enough, and sharing is caring, here are some runner-ups that I considered for title of favourite song from a TV show:

I’ve Got A Theory from Buffy the Vampire Slayer series “Once More With Feeling”

I remember being a teenager and being absolutely in love with this musical episode of Buffy. And I loved the moment Buffy sings the final few verses from this song. Even now, I burst into this song. That or “Walk Through the Fire“. Plus, who knew that Giles had such a sexy singing voice.

California by Phantom Planet from The O.C.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I here this song I just singing along. This brings back so many memories. Plus there were so many more great songs, like Imogen Heap’s Speeding Cars and Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah.

This Will Be the Day by Jeff Williams from RWBY

Again, kind of cheating cause it was not from TV but from a web series again. But I love this. There was a point in time when I would just sing this out loud and I knew no one has probably heard of it. I personally love anime songs. Sailor Moon and Pokemon theme song are some favourites too. Especially the latter, my brother and I would just sing it out loud at the top of our lungs … well, heck, might as well put that down too …

There are honestly a whole bunch of songs I love. And I realise I can’t share them all here. There are songs from The Simpsons and there are songs from Adventure Time and so so many theme songs for TV shows like FriendsMalcolm in the Middle and Game of Thrones. But for now I think I’ll leave it at that.

Now, don’t forget to visit Rhey of Sunshine with her choices for today, and I’ll catch you tomorrow for the next challenge.

Till then!

cumuloq ❤


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