30DSC Day 15: Favourite song from a musical

Good morning, afternoon or evening, everybody!

We’re halfway through this! Ten hours of sleep and I’m all refreshed for the next 30 Day Song Challenge. And it’s just perfect, ’cause today is my favourite song from a musical. Before I continue, please go and visit Rhey of Sunshine’s blog for her choice as we continue to do the 30 Day Song Challenge together.

Musicals are a personal weakness for me. Once I go listen to one song I have to listen to another and then another and then another … and next thing I know I’m just singing it around the house.

I honestly have a few favourites, so pardon me as I can’t exactly choose which of these are more amazing …

Bui Doi from Miss Saigon

If there is one musical that I haven’t watched live yet and I know that I definitely want to, it’s Miss Saigon. There so many amazing songs from it, but I don’t know why this one just sticks.

Those You’ve Known from Spring Awakening

You have no idea how hard it was for me to not just dump the entire soundtrack for Spring Awakening here. But I resisted – I really had to resist doing it. If you have time, and to satisfy my Spring Awakening mania, you should go and listen to all the songs. To me, Spring Awakening is closer to me than possibly any other musical I could put here. This is firstly where I heard of Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. And the themes of the musical are just so real – school vs. real life, abstinence vs. sexual desire, violence against others vs. violence against yourself, life vs. death. There is just so much you can take out of it.

On My Own from Les Miserables

I couldn’t help putting this in the mix of musical songs I’m absolutely in love with. This is a solid in the list. I sing this in the shower all the time. I’m lipsynching to Samantha Banks just as I write this. So, yes, definitely a favourite.

Not Alone from A Very Potter Musical

This one is just a heartfelt and kitsch favourite. Again, like how Spring Awakening is the first place I found Lea Michele, A Very Potter Musical was the first place I found Darren Criss. Plus Jaime Beatty (Ginny) has such an awe-inspiring voice. So let’s just bask in her amazingness.

For Good from Wicked

I thought this was a good one to end the list of my favourite musical songs. For one, I wish this was my graduation song when I was in Australia – rather than Vitamin C’s cliched Graduation Song. And everyone loves a great duet between two strong and amazing women.

So, that’s all the amazingness (I should really really stop using that as a definitive adjective) that I have for musicals! See you tomorrow as I share my childhood theme song – though I have a feeling this one will have a few too.

Till then,

cumuloq ❤


2 thoughts on “30DSC Day 15: Favourite song from a musical

  1. I like your choices of Bui-doi, For Good and On My Own. Especially Bui-doi: it is really the BEST song from Miss Saigon. I remember being touched by the lyrics when I heard the cast recording for the first time. For Good is just another pretty duet that tells us Idina Menzel does not need to belt every single song. Come check out my blog, if you like musicals!

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