30DSC Day 16: Theme song of my childhood

Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. For me, it’s a week’s holiday so I can continue with this 30 Day Challenge in some peace – with looming dangers ahead. But let’s not think of that! Let’s think of sunshine and wonderfulness! Let’s think of innocence and … okay that’s just a terrible segue to the challenge for today. But I hope today brings loveliness because it’s all about childhood theme songs.

For this challenge I aimed to stay strictly to childhood and not to enter the tweens. This meant a lot of embarrassing yet incredibly nostalgic songs. So join me on a journey through the songs that I listened to when I was a kid – from youngest to oldest …

Pumpernickel Bread Song from Barney

This was – okay still is – my favourite Barney song because of how darn catchy it is. When I was little I used to watch way way too much Barney. Mostly because my godbrothers’ house had dozens of tapes of Barney episodes. Including the movies. So if there was anything my brother and I binge watched when we were kids it was Barney. Barney is probably my first ever TV show marathon. Embarrassing.

Please and Thank You song from Barney

As I mentioned before, way too much Barney. And this is probably another song that I will put on the top of my list as a theme song of my childhood. If anything, this one is more fitting because I do – cough – believe – cough – that I was a very polite – cough – child. And whenever someone misbehaved or weren’t nice I would hum this song in my head. Actually, I technically still do. What’s cool about this is I realised just today that a young Selena Gomez was in this number. And I had no knowledge of this. Which means that I was unknowingly watching her when I was a kid – not knowing that I would know of her when I get older and still be listening to her sing. Cool.

The Goodbye Song from Bear in the Big Blue House

This one was definitely one of my brother’s favourites and it really caught on to me too, ’cause it’s just such a beautiful song with a catchy melody. It’s also probably one of the few that I am not embarrassed at having loved and still love. ‘Cause it feels just so wholesome to love.

There Must Be Something More from Charlotte’s Web

The 1973 version of Charlotte’s Web is just a bowl full of nostalgic cereal for me. All the songs in them just make me think of my childhood, only because I watched the movie so many times. I loved Charlotte and cried when she (spoilers!) died at the end, I thought Wilbur was a jerk at times, but still loveable and Fern was just sweet and so special.

Let Me Be Your Wings from Thumbelina

If there’s any song that immediately transports me to my childhood, it’s this song. It’s just packed with nostalgia. I tried to watch Thumbelina again recently and I almost fell asleep before this scene appears – and for those who have watched Thumbelina you already know that this scene is incredibly early in the movie. So I have no idea how I managed to watch this dozens of times when I was a kid. But I absolutely loved this song. It was just so dreamy. I loved Thumbelina’s hair and her pretty voice. And I hated that fat green frog. So. flippin’. much.

Good Company from Oliver & Company

If I had to only share one song from a Disney movie that transports me to my childhood it has to be this song here. And the surprising part is I haven’t even watched Oliver & Company. It is so nostalgic because it was my brother and I’s favourite song from the Sing-A-Long Disney cassettes that we had when we were younger. So whenever I hear it I think of that and it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside again.

Always There from Land Before Time

A last minute addition to the list, because I just found this while browsing through all my nostalgic songs. This one just makes me want to bawl. And I remember I used to sing this as a kid when I missed my mum and dad, spending time over in sleepovers or camps.

So, thank you to the 30DSC for sending me down a baleful memory lane. All these songs have just lodged themselves into a nook in my heart. Please do check out Rhey of Sunshine for her childhood song/s.

I will see you tomorrow for another instalment!

Till then!

cumuloq ❤


One thought on “30DSC Day 16: Theme song of my childhood

  1. I hate Barney and that bloody Bear in his Blue house, every morning my daughter would put them on the tv as soon as she ran downstairs, hell I didn’t even have chance for the kettle to boil to make my first coffee of the day before they were singing at me in those annoyingly cheerful voices.

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