30DSC Day 19: Group you wish had never split

Hey there guys,

So, today’s challenge was pretty much set when I started writing this. But I feel like I need to say something before I get properly started. If it makes sense, I really don’t have a group that I wish had not split. And the immediate jump from this claim would be “Serious? You want groups to break up?” And my reply is “no – but …”

No, but just like how there are reasons why couples break up, I also feel like when a band or a singing group splits from one another, they have viable reasons that would benefit every individual in the long run. One group member may not be happy with another and has gone on to different projects, some want to start a family, and others may really just want to take time away from the business and, hey, they may come back and do a reunion tour in the future.

So – that’s my mini-disclaimer – as I write this, in my mind, I’m thinking every group splits for a good reason, and I have no foul sentiments towards why they did it and why they are not making music together anymore.

That being said, I feel like the band I was most sore (during the time of their split) was …



Credits: billboard.com

By split here, I need to clarify, I mean the one back in 2005. Mostly because I wasn’t aware of them for their full music journey and their music was iconic in the pop rock scene. As a late fan, I felt like they left too soon – and went on to other bands (*cough* Angels and Airwaves) and had families (*cough* Meet the Barkers) and had children. So, yeah. They did get back together in 2009 though but from recent developments show that the band just won’t be the same as they used to be.

Apart from that, I honestly don’t have many terrible feelings for them splitting. The great thing about music is that it’s pretty much immortalised groups and bands. So I can always go back and listen to their old songs and feel like they’re still playing together again.

So, let’s do the mandatory music video spams shall we? 🙂


Stay Together For the Kids

The Rock Show

So please check out Rhey of Sunshine for her choice today and I’ll see you as always tomorrow.

Take care,

cumuloq ❤


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