30DSC Day 24: Favourite funny song

Hi everyone!

Now we get to that time when it’s so awkward for me to start an introduction because I’ve been doing so many I have nothing to say but to bring factual awareness of how awkward it is. But, hey, at least I didn’t do anything contrived like blatantly state what this challenge is about, right? And at this point I’m thinking I still should …

So, for those who haven’t been following, this is the 30 Day Song Challenge. DSC stands for Day Song Challenge. And we’re at day 24. ‘Cause, you know, people can’t read titles …

Today’s challenge is my favourite funny song! Yay!

My favourite funny song is …

“Why I Cry” by Ninja Sex Party

I remember when I first saw this video, it was after a whole sleuth of Ninja Sex Party and Egoraptor videos. I didn’t really expect much out of this one because the past few NSP videos were not really my cup of comedy.

This one just really got me ’cause I first saw Barry in a unicorn onesie and I found that really amusing. But then I lost it when I saw Ross (from Game Grumps) in a fawn (or should I say faun?) get-up twerking against Ninja Brian. I think that’s the icing on the cake for me.

After watching it several times there were just so many other hidden gems in this song that just kept me smiling. Some of them most people probably won’t get though, I realise now, if they’re not in the loop with Game Grumps. One of my favourite verses is:

Watch a film with me
I love boring romantic comedies
Hop in my carriage, this is like your dream
Any movie we see can be a drive-in movie
If we build up enough speed

Nothing Happens the Movie

On the screen is “Nothing Happens: The Movie” Starring Ross & Arin, which to me feels like a jab at their show “Steam Train” which fans always compare is not as good as their main videos because there’s only Ross & Arin there and some of the videos they play are considered “sub-par”. Also, Danny, who’s the singer in this video is not in it.

The other reason why I like the above lyrics is because the line “Any movie we see can be a drive-in movie / If we build up enough speed” is such a classic Danny and Arin line.

So, yeah, it’s just a video I watch when I just want to laugh – and then I’ll go on to watch my next two favourite silly comedy videos “Attitude City” and “Luigi’s Ballad“. I kind of wonder what it was like when they were storyboarding all these videos. I imagine Danny and Arin sitting down on a couch and saying “Okay, then we’ll have Ninja Brian behind me eating popcorn – but, but, get this – since he has a mask on, it just cascades down his chin!” And they’ll do their classic laughter.

Um, yeah, okay, so the truth is out. My sense of humor is that of a thirteen-year-old boy’s.

So last but not least go check out Rhey of Sunshine’s blog for her favourite funny song. It’ll probably (hopefully) be less embarrassing than mine. And I’ll catch you tomorrow for my favourite foreign language song.

Till then!

cumuloq ❤


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