30DPC Day 4: Doing things right or doing the right things …

4. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

Just a disclaimer, I have a feeling that the quality of my answers are going to absolutely deteriorate the further we get into this week. I honestly feel myself pulled towards so many obligations that I feel like I’m not doing this challenge enough justice. Maybe a personal concern, but I really wanted to progress through this challenge, along with Rhey of Sunshine (who I constantly forget to reference, since we’re attempting this challenge together), really taking time to consider these questions. But I realise that time is just so rare nowadays for me.

This disclaimer may feel completely irrelevant to the topic – just a foreword – but at the same time I feel like it has so much relevance to the question. Because ultimately I want to do this challenge right – but doing it may not always seem like the right thing for me now. Like I should probably be asleep right now. (You, the reader, probably cannot recognise this because I set each post to a specific time every day. But the honest truth is I do this late at night the day before – the day before I have to wake up at six in the morning.)

Before announcing this challenge (or any challenge really) Rhey and I go through the possible questions and sift out the bad questions or the questions we felt didn’t have that much substance to it. Looking back, I wonder how this question made it through the sifting process – maybe when I was thinking better I really thought that this question had a lot of potential. But looking at it, tired and mentally exhausted, I can only look at it with absolute skepticism.

Doing things right and doing the right thing – do they, firstly, need to be mutually exclusive? Because – like I said in my previous post about dichotomies – us humans love to put things into nice opposite compartments. I feel like the purpose of this question was to just make a nice sounding opposite.

But, that’s just something that I felt needed to be said.

The bottom line of the question is honestly whether I worry about executing something well – being meticulous about the process – or worrying about the outcome of the process – whether it is for a good reason.

Knowing myself, I would probably worry about both – because I’m a huge worrier. There have been plenty of moments that I’ve been so wrapped up in the details of something that I forget what the outcome was meant to be. This is especially the case of a huge project where I only realise too late, right in the middle of the entire project, that things are just not aligned to the initial goal. What I would usually do then is to manipulate the current situation to get back on track – if and when possible.

When there are smaller activities, however, I’m enough of a skeptic to question the reasoning behind it to not carry it out if I don’t see any reasonable goals that the activity aims to achieve. Maybe because I’m lazy like that.

Maybe the first one is also because I’m lazy – too lazy to change previous things that I did to care too much about doing it for the right reasons.

So maybe I don’t worry about doing things right or doing the right thing – or whether I’m too lazy to do things right or too lazy to do the right thing.

I don’t know. I feel like this entire post is just reflective of how exhausted my mind is. But I’ll leave it there, because at least I’ve done some form of exploration – productive or otherwise.

Honestly, I feel like with this kind of a question, this is as productive as I can get, ’cause I don’t really care for it at this point in my life. Tada! I’m too lazy to do this post right. But doing it is essentially the right thing because I committed to this challenge.

Till tomorrow,

(the extremely tired) cumuloq ❤

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