30DPC Day 7: What holds you back …

7. What things hold you back from doing the things that you really want to?

Freebird_ToTheMoon_HeroSorry for the semi-late post today. This question reminds me of the indie video game, To the Moon, which I’ve probably mentioned so many times on this blog.

It’s the story of a dying man and two doctors who work for a company that serves to fulfil last wishes. The proposition of this company is that if you had spent all of your time, instead of chasing “white rabbits”, you could instead end up accomplishing amazing feats.

The problem, you realise, with this assumption is that it seems to suggest that all the small menial things that you do are not necessary in your life. And all the things that hold you back in life, such as time and money, are evils that must be overcome.

Personally I would love to write for a living – or to make artistic-driven content that can impact and influence others – but I don’t think I’d be capable of doing it without having problems such as money, time and other obligations. I think that would make me a far less capable writer. The same way other artists probably have to go through monetary struggles, I feel like I must somehow do the same.

Smaller achievements that I want to accomplish, agreed are limited by the trinity of obstacles: time, money and other obligations – but it does not necessarily seem like a terrible thing for me. Because without these struggles we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the achievements in the end.

So, for me it’s less of whether these things are holding me back – or whether it is up to me to move past them and work around them – but whether I would consider them hindrances in the first place. Because my goals do not necessarily have to go against the limits of time, the shortage of money or the presence of other obligations. If anything, these factors can aid me in becoming better at my craft.

Lastly, please check of Rhey of Sunshine for her side of the challenge. And I’ll update you tomorrow with another post. Possibly not on time either. But still on the correct day.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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