30DPC Day 9: What I do differently …

9. What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

Count me as a pessimist, but I don’t think that we’re entirely exclusive in a lot of things we do  – so this question was very difficult for me. I think the purpose of this question was for me to figure out what is unique about me – but again, it was difficult.

I personally don’t think that I make choices any more differently than anyone else. I’m fairly sure that there are only a set path of choices in a given situation and that, sure there would be unpopular choices, but these choices are not unique to myself.

Along a similar line of thought, I don’t think I have any set of skills that are exclusive to me, especially after I’ve spent so much time on Fictionpress and Deviantart. There are so many people in there as equally (and a who lot more that are even more) talented at writing and drawing. So I don’t think I necessarily do skills differently. Maybe I attempt to stand out by choosing different subject matters and techniques – but I don’t think I necessarily do them differently.

Hmm, maybe I have a problem with the word ‘do’ in this question. Because my assumption in this is that humans have a fixed set of ways they can do things and a fixed set of ways they can possibly figure out things so we would not necessarily do things differently. Maybe I’m taking this question too literally.

Well, I did this question differently then everyone else. That’s for certain.

Okay – but you want an actual answer. I guess if I were to say that I did anything else, I’m pretty sure that they way I make semantic connections is different than anyone else. And by this I meant that I associate things differently when you present a particular item to me. And I think this is true for everyone, because no one has experienced the exact same things as you have. So I suppose that if you present me a random object like an ‘apple’ I would most likely have different connections than others.

That’s the most I’ve got. It’s late.

So catch me tomorrow as I attempt to fail this challenge one question at a time by overanalysing it or putting it down – ’cause that seems to be the trend at the moment. Oh, and go check out Rhey of Sunshine as she makes a more straightforward attempt to answer these questions.

Till then,

cumuloq ❤


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