30DPC Day 11: If I could choose an imaginary friend …

11. If you could choose an imaginary friend, who would it be and why?

Before I begin, everyone should listen to Luke Thompson’s “The Water EP”. It’s not a new album in the least. But the songs are absolutely beautiful. Plus, since it is Thursday and I’m also supposed to share some songs today, I thought I’d put it in here first. Maybe listen to it while you read through the rest of this post.

Personally, I had a lot of imaginary friends in my childhood – though I probably shouldn’t call them imaginary because then my less-than-twelve-year-old self would be extremely disappointed in me. I think this question has a redundant assumption in it – and it is in the word “choose”. I think we all have “chosen” who our imaginary friends are, whether consciously or not. They are guardians, they are aspirations, they are admirations – and sometimes just guilty pleasures.

I’m honestly too old for imaginary friends today – though I would be lying to say that I don’t escape the world sometimes in my imagination. Honestly, I have more than one concurrent imaginary universe in my head. It’s a cassette player that runs through my mind before I go to sleep. Sometimes I’m playing video games with my favourite Youtubers and sometimes I’m just swimming in a vast ocean with sharks that refuse to bite and a storm brewing above me, but everything is still and wonderful.

I’m not too sure who I’d choose to be my imaginary friend if I had to fashion one today, honestly. It probably wouldn’t be as original as the one I had when I was nine.

I’d probably choose an imaginary friend who’s a mix of Ellie from The Last of Us and Clementine from The Walking Dead. She’d probably take the shape of Dodger from Polaris – someone quirky with a great upbeat sense of humor – who honestly looks like a cross between Hayley Williams from Paramore and Milla Jovovich . And we’d be best friends fighting a zombie apocalypse together. Maybe – just maybe – she’d also be a time lord as well. And I’ll name her Ants, after Antoinette from Wide Sargasso Sea (if you get the reference as to why I chose this name claps for you!).

Yup, so what would usually happen in my imagination is I’ll fashion an elaborate backstory for a couple of months, building it slowly every night before I go to bed, and then an amazingly elaborate plot will take place, veering off into many different potential paths before I concretise on one. Heck, there may be multiple other imaginary friends that come along with Ants and I. There was one time I created an imaginary world that had an entire rock band and crew. If I think hard enough I can remember the names of all of them – ’cause we went through a syndicate crime together. Don’t ask.

So that would be my imaginary friend, Ants. Two ordinary girls fighting zombies and time travel. Been a while since I’ve created one. Who would yours be?

I’ll catch you tomorrow with more 30DPS. Meanwhile, do catch Rhey of Sunshine’s blog.

Till then,

cumuloq ❤

Credits for the photos go to their respective sites that can be seen when clicking on the image.

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