30DPC Day 20: What I’d change about the world …

20. What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?

This is such a formidable question to answer. ‘Cause there are just so many small problems that cumulate to bigger problems and you can’t really just change just one thing and hope that the whole world and the future has been changed for the better for it.

I guess there one thing I would push for, rather than change, is a reform of the education system in Middle East and Arabic countries – one that focuses on total literacy among its citizens and moral education.

One of the stories that really impacted me and made me consider the severity of the situation of many women in ME countries such as Iran was this The Guardian article on a woman called Ameneh Bahrami. She had rejected a man and he had subsequently thrown acid on her, resulting in her blindness. Her court case was several layers of disappointment: women are only half the worth of men in the legal sphere, and even the sort of retribution she could claim was backward and barbarian – an eye for an eye (or in her case, two eyes for one eye).

I could have stated that I would change the legal system in Iran after reading this article, but that is only a small prick in the bigger needle in the haystack issue. The more lasting impression that can be left upon the society is an education that focuses on literacy and moral education.

Why literacy? Because women need to read and understand their rights and become more knowledgeable to fight their way up to political representation. The entire society would also hopefully benefit from a better understanding of how the socio-political climate of their country should navigate alongside the values of neighbouring countries.

Why moral education? And by moral, I mean more alongside developing empathy towards others, I believe that the society can push for a more tolerant mindset, and while they should still honour certain traditions, there should be an understanding that traditions that violate and exploit rights of minority groups should not be tolerated anymore.

It’s not to say I don’t believe that the younger generations of these countries are not pushing forwards. Hundreds of young Egyptians crave to move away from their city when they become of age, rejecting the opinions of their elderlies. But it can only be said that a divide between generations will not result in change either.

Once again, I said this is one problem of many other cumulative problems that are involved in the world. Possibly there will be people who do not see it as a problem and will refute. But that is one thing that I would most like to change. I understand that there are a lot of other problems out there, and you can add yours in in the comments if you’d like too.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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