30DPC Day 22: My ultimate escape plan …

22. What would be your ultimate escape plan?

This question is kind of ambiguous, but I kind of gather that it means my ultimate escape plan from the world I’m currently living – if it all becomes too much.

Well, one of the first things I’d probably do is to activate my Mastercard to be acceptable overseas. ‘Cause my definite plan would be to take a flight out. I’d probably pack a simple backpack of things. I have the aptitude to pack everything I need within fifteen minutes. One of the things I’d probably do is to camp out at a McDonalds or at the airport if it’s late at night. Then activate my card the next morning and then find flights.

When it comes to flying overseas, there’s probably one location right now that I’d probably aim for, and that would be Fort Worth, Texas where one of my best friends currently stays. I’d probably give her a heads up at one of the free internet access computers at the airport. It would take me ages to get there anyway.

Over there I’ll probably think through what my options are. One probable goal is to work for a publishing house, which has always been one of my dreams.

Truth is, I know that if I were to escape from my current life I would want something completely different from what I have now – i.e. I wouldn’t want routine, I wouldn’t want formalities, I wouldn’t want fixed structures. And I feel that if I escaped to visit her over there it would be amazing.

That’s my ultimate escape plan – and now I need to rethink it ’cause the people I’m escaping from now know. As for an escape plan from a zombie apocalypse … well that’s another post for another time.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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