Favourite New Youtuber Finds of 2016

Hey everyone!

Oh my goodness, I just got my Macbook back from repairs. It is working! Finally! And I bought a new keyboard protector, and it feels so amazing to type. And I thought it would be a waste not to just post more things on my blog after being so deprived from it.

I thought one good thing I could make a list of, a new one, is one of my favourite new youtubers. These youtubers are not meant to surpass the ones I’ve always been following, and because they are new to me, doesn’t mean they are new at all, but just to put the new ones I’m following this year, and have fallen in love with, into the spotlight. (Not that they need it.) Oh, and I also wonder if I did start following some this year – a year is both long and incredibly short – but they are definitely youtubers I fell more and more in love with.

I feel like for a lot of these youtubers I’ve jumped on the bandwagon so so late. But I’ve just absolutely fallen in love with them. So, in no particular order:

1. Dodie Clarke, i.e. doddleoddle

Dodie just might be my spirit animal. Her voice is sooo beautiful, and when she is off on her little chats, I feel like grabbing a warm tea and just cozying up on the couch. She is just so relatable as a person to me and I can only wish her so much success on her path to pursuit more music and more happiness.

2. Carrie Hope Fletcher, i.e. ItsWayPastMyBedTime

Okay, I feel so behind the bandwagon for this one. But Carrie is sooo amazing! She’s so articulate and insightful and at the same time so so talented and cheery. She’s another British youtuber who I just fell in love with this year.

3. Alex Rainbird Playlists

And this last one is less of “youtuber” and more of an entire music channel that I’ve just loved. I’ve been collecting songs to create a playlist for my wedding dinner, and a lot of my songs came from Alex Rainbird’s monthly indie playlists. I would just play them while I have a shower, and just note down whenever I fell in love with one – which was honestly extremely difficult because I would love an entire string of them and I’d be like “CRAP I NEED TO LIST THEM ALL DOWN!” But it’s a happy problem.

Anywho, those are the three channels! They also feel like ones that will be staples on my subscribe list. (I usually recycle some yearly so I don’t go overboard with Youtube videos – if you’ve read my blog you’ll know how much Youtube I watch … it’s a proper addiction.)

Well, till next time!

cumuloq ❤


My Daily Make-Up Routine and Collection

2 childlike ideals - tuesday

Hi guys!

So if the last blog post I made was after a long break, this one is even longer. The last time I wrote here was probably three months ago – three very very busy yet important and fulfilling months. So, I thought a good first post after the break would be something light and non-committal on my end. Less of what has been happening with me, and more of a documentation of a particularly aspect of my life.

Getting into make-up for me was a very late exploration. Although I was exposed to make-up early on because I’ve had to wear it for school performances (plays, dances, musicals what have you), it was always my mum doing the make-up for me. And usually whatever make-up was lying around the house was usually (extremely) expired.

So the first time I had to try and understand the various ins-and-outs of the cosmetic world was when I was going for job interviews after uni. Actually, uni was a very good time for me to experiment. I stayed in the uni halls so it meant that I could buy a whole bunch of products to test out in my room without parents judging or yelling at me for buying them. At first my experiments would be limited to buying mostly Maybelline products. They were a cheap and reliable source – most of the time. I learnt fast that their lipsticks weren’t that awesome.

But I think after four years of experimenting with different brands I have solidified a pretty satisfying collection. This is what I wear on a normal workday:

  1. Primer – Benefit’s the POREfessional
  2. CC cream – 1028 Visual Therapy Moisture Infusion (01 Light Beige and 02 Natural Beige)
  3. Concealer – Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer (Cool Medium)
  4. Foundation/powder – Loreal’s True Match La Poudre Two Way Foundation (Nude Beige)
  5. Eyebrows – 1028 Definer Eyebrow Kit (01 Light Brown)
  6. Mascara – Maybelline’s The Falsies (Waterproof, Very black)
  7. Blush – Maybelline’s Blush Studio (I Love Pink!)
  8. Bronzer – Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (01 Light Matte) optional
  9. Eyeliner – Clio Waterproof Pen Liner (Kill Black) optional

So usually I will ensure that I get 1-7 down. On lazier days I only go up to 5 or 6. I usually never do 8 and 9, except on special occasions or weekends. I remember there was a time where I was wearing eyeliner almost every day.

Lastly, let me know which products you stick to. I know there are a whole bunch more that I have yet to try out. I watch beauty vloggers a lot and all the products they name just whiz by my head most of the time. I know I’m still not entirely satisfied with my blush and mascara. But I really love the CC cream and eyeliner I use. If you want me to review an individual product on this list, let me know as well.

Till next time,


30DPC Day 13: Recall the good or bad times …

13. Do you tend to recall the good or bad times more?

Okay, for me this is a redundant question, because I know that scientifically we remember bad times better than good times. Even personally thinking back in my past, I have a whole handful of bad memories that just swarm into mind in comparison to the good memories. And that’s probably why yesterday’s challenge was so difficult to recall – the happiest childhood memory.

Well, how do these memories get stored and how are they incredibly memorable? I learnt last year there is a term for storing memories and it’s called hot cognition; an individual stores events from their lives into their long term memory through emotions and experiences. Let’s say for instance that you were bullied and the bully punched you, that negative experience will be stored into your long term memory because the anger, fear and humiliation that you experienced during that time were strong enough emotions for recall later.

I know I recall bad times more than the good – and some may say it is a bad thing. But, in the Darwinian evolutionary sense, it really is not. If anything, it is makes logical sense that for any form of problem solving in the future, it is essential for an individual to recall the bad experiences. In the future, if you are placed in a similar situation as mentioned above, with an intimidating foe, your brain will trigger such a memory and your decision of whether to fight or flee will be dependent on such a knowledge. Sometimes it just becomes intuitive. Bad memories prevent us from making similar mistakes in the future. Otherwise we’d be getting metaphorically “punched”. A lot.

Of course, it should also be considered that too much of the bad doesn’t do good to the individual either. Especially, when it begins to cloud judgement and force others to back away into a corner and avoid any form of experiential learning either. This is when individuals usually require guidance, to remember more of the good and use these good memories to counter the bad.

But, enough of this psychology babble, the conclusion is that I – along with, I’m assuming, a majority of mankind – has the tendency to be able to recall bad times more easily than the good. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. If you want to read more about it, there’s a NYTimes article called “Praise is Fleeting, but Brickbats We Recall”. Besides that, do check out Rhey of Sunshine’s blog for her take on this question.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤

In the Spotlight: This Wild Life

5 tgfyv - friday

Hey everyone!

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve posted a TGFYV. But I thought it was apt, after having done the 30 Day Song Challenge, that I share this band that I just found and have been listening to for the past few hours.

They are called This Wild Life and are an acoustic pop-punk duo with Kevin Jordan on vocals and Anthony Del Grosso on guitar. I heard their song from Becca Rose; they were the background music to her makeup tutorial. But I had to stop the tutorial just to look them up. But enough talking, I’ll let you hear how wonderful they are.

and lastly, I thought this song was very apt because it references Easter … but only in words, not theme:

Enjoy your weekend, guys!

cumuloq ❤

Introducing Town of Salem and Its Kickstarter

Hey guys!

I realise that, as of late, I haven’t been blogging as much. This has less to do with me not having anything I want to blog about and more to do with the amount of assignments that are trooping towards me on the battlefield which is my one-year of college. I think you can tell from my most recent posts though that a lot are Halloween themed.

Similarly, I would like to introduce a game that I have been playing too much of this week that is so aptly related to Halloween and Fall this month. Said game is…

Town of Salem

Game duration: 20-25 minutes
No. of Players: maximum 15 (Online), can play solo or with friends
Game type: Bluffing, Deception, Deduction
Similar to: One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Coup, Saboteur

I think I discovered this game last Sunday and I’ve been playing it ridiculously too much this week. The hype for it (or at least the Classic mode) has died down a lot since that I’ve been able to focus on other things like readings. But I thought I may as well introduce it here all the same because they are having a Kickstarter for it and trying to raise money. Having been absolutely addicted to it means that I do believe it is a worthy cause.

If you’ve ever played a game called Werewolf or Mafia or maybe even Polar Bear in real life or the board game of Werewolf, it works like that. There are phases of day and night.

During the night the Mafia and the Serial Killer will choose, separately, to kill one member of the town. Other town members might have other duties at night, e.g. a lookout may look into one townie’s house per night or a jailor might choose to jail and probe another townie for their role and choose to execute them in jail.

Credit goes to blankmediagames.com

Credit goes to blankmediagames.com

The day phase begins with finding out who has died, whether they left a will with clues and the death note from the Mafia or Serial Killer. Then there will be a few seconds of discussion, followed by a voting period for who should be put up on trial. If someone is chosen to go up on trial, they need to plead their case and the rest of the town can decide whether they are innocent, guilty or abstain from voting. And this pretty much continues until the town wins, the mafia wins or the serial killer wins.

That is as brief (and detailed) a description I can come up with. If you want more details on the gameplay, rules and the roles of the various Town’s folk, you can go to their wiki.

What I love about the game?

  1. It’s free to play, just register an account or use your Facebook account.
  2. It’s a pretty low stakes but highly addictive “Who Is Who?” type of game.
  3. Choosing your random name means you can be creative – but not too creative or you get killed. E.g. I chose the nickname “Twizzler” once, and the Mafia and SK got me on the first night. They apparently love candy.
  4. It’s definitely fun to fool the town (if you’re an evil role).
  5. Certain roles are definitely more fun than others, in my opinion: Some of my favourite roles include Transporter and Veteran. My strategy as a Transporter has always been to put a deliberate target on myself as a townie who probes for roles too much, then I switch my position with a suspected evil role at night. I’ve done this successfully about two or three times, and it’s an amazing feeling to have the Mafia commit suicide. Similarly, I love being a Veteran as there has been one game where I managed to go on alert and kill three out of the four evil roles. Those are the highlights of the gameplay.
  6. It’s also a great feature that, when you die, you are still not out of the game (in fact, sometimes it’s even necessary that you stay) – that is until the Medium or Retributionist is dead too.
  7. Even so, it’s sometimes fun to even stay and find out who the bad guys actually were or whether your side wins, cause you’ll get coins for your side coming out on top.

What I hate about the game?

  1. This is a love-hate feature of the game, but Townies can be pretty darn stupid, and accusing innocent people, or being dead and watching the innocent accuse other innocence is very infuriating.
  2. Sometimes whether you win or not is entirely dependent on luck, i.e. whether you’re in a lobby with daft idiots and also whether your name is randomly chosen to die or be interrogated.
  3. What I’ve also noticed about playing it for a week is that the Classic mode becomes incredibly predictable.
  4. Once you know the nooks and crannies of the gameplay, you can pretty much solve who is good and who is bad, and lying never helps the Mafia or the SK – or even the Executioner. Which makes being part of the Mafia less fun. During the earlier games I loved being the bad guy – but after a dozen or so more games I realised I hated it ’cause I hated having to do the same lies.
  5. There really isn’t much salvation once someone finds out you have forging instruments.
  6. Again, some roles are more fun than others so you know if you get Lookout or Escort, your game is going to be pretty much so low stakes that you can die and be done with.
  7. Which sometimes leads to trolls.

Things that need to be improved upon: It’s currently in its Beta phase so there are still definitely improvements that can be made. But here are some of my observations:

  1. When going into a lobby, there really should not be a host that has to start the game. Often people who are hosts don’t realise it and then other players will swear and draw blood and try to repick that person. It’s an unnecessary hassle, just start the game when there’s 15 people in there.
  2. Another thing that needs to be improved upon is the Jailor features. The sun icon that is meant for the jailor to choose a person to put into jail should be changed. There were so many times I was a jailor and I knew I had to pick during the day, but often forgot because the icon is so small. I’d rather that the jailor is reminded to pick at the end of the day phase.

Apart from that, I believe that it plays out quite smoothly.

For beginners:

I agree with a lot of others who say that this game has a bit of a learning curve. What I would suggest is to watch maybe two Let’s Plays of them. There are a lot going around currently but the more comprehensive ones belong to Youtuber, Ohmwrecker (who actually has an avatar of himself in this game becomes of his promotion of it on Youtube during its Alpha phase).

If you’re not the type to try to recce before doing something, then I suggest just getting into the game and learning along the way. People in the lobby are more than willing to help out new people.

Some first timer tips would be:

  1. to make sure that you write a will (it’s on the top left hand corner, the blank note).
  2. If you want to whisper the format is “\w [username or number] [msg]” – as you may see this a lot and wonder how to reply or do the same, so e.g. “\w 2 I healed you last night”.
  3. As a mafia member, don’t say your mafia brethren’s names cause the Random Town person can be a Spy. Alternatively, you can try trolling by writing someone else’s name, but if they see through you, it doesn’t help either cause they eliminate certain suspects.
  4. If someone is immune, keep an eye on them, but don’t immediately suspect them as GF or SK.

Lastly, I think this is the perfect little online game to get into for this month! You can even add friends to play one game with. You can give away each other’s roles but be sure not to give away your name!

Till next time,

Cumuloq ❤

7 Songs Remixed Better

4 my soundtracks - thursday

There are tons of mainstream music out there these days that are being remixed or given the permission to get remixed into awesome fresh versions that somehow make you tolerate certain tunes better. Artists that I follow on Youtube like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are known to post remixed versions of their songs right after they release the songs off their new album. And I appreciate that creative freedom they’re giving to other artists out there.

So, without much ado, here is a soundtrack of familiar songs transformed into their heavy bass alter egos. And it begins with …

1. Pom Poms by Jonas Brothers – JOMG Trap Remix


… the song that inspired this entire soundtrack. indabamusic recently held a contest for artists to remix “Pom Poms” by the Jonas Brothers with the grand prize being a $1000, autographed gear and to be featured by the band itself. This was not the winner of the contest, but recently, thanks to public exposure as background music of many Youtubers’ videos this remix has been gaining some attention. I instantly heard it on AndreasChoice‘s latest video and knew that it was not one of the originals, but was definitely catchy and an improvement on the original.

2. Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey – Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Remix


Once again, I heard this track from a Youtuber, this time it was iHasCupquake. She publicised this song as one of her monthly favourites. After listening to this song too many times while waiting for my movie to start in the cinemas (’cause it is apparently on The Great Gatsby soundtrack), this song has definitely grown weary to my ears. But this new beat definitely puts a fresh perspective to it.

3. Naturally by Selena Gomez & the Scene – Dave Audé Remix


This one’s an oldy but a goody. I remember I used to always listen to this version of Naturally instead of the original ’cause I loved the running hook … I don’t know the exact terminology here (help!). But this is always fun to listen to, on loop, in the background, while I was doing other things – like writing this blog post. I’ve tried other remixes of this song, but this one has definitely sold itself as my favourite one.

4. Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding – Flinch Remix


Goulding’s songs are honestly a remix dream. The part right after the chorus each time is just a match made in heaven with her rifts and the beat together. If you’ve listened to the original or the cover done by Fifth Harmony – well either way – just check this remix out. It doesn’t butcher the song or the melody. It just makes it a lot more badass. Oh, and you should check out more of the remixes on the UNITEDubstep channel. Their choices are pretty solid.

5. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri – Dash Berlin Bootleg Remix


Who would have thought that a song about a break-up by Christina Perri could make an awesome dance beat? Well, this version of the song definitely proves that it is possible. And I think some props needs to be given to Christina Novelli who actually provides the voice for this version of the song. I kind of prefer it. Christina Perri’s voice is more suited for the slow emotional ballads ’cause of the rustiness to her tone. Novelli’s voice here is smoother and makes for this remix to be more of ear candy.

6. Clarity by Zedd featuring Foxes – Vicetone Remix


And on the same channel, Proximity, I stumble across this gem. I’ve been looking for an awesome Clarity remix for a while now. A lot of them really just cover the entire track with beats and makes it sound like a hammer is killing cats. This one is just beautiful. I love the beats that sound like their from old school Mario video games. This one is a choice example of it. I love the hook to this one (I’m just going to keep calling them hooks till someone corrects me)! Damn, one of the best finds of tonight.

7. Best Song Ever by One Direction – Kat Krazy Remix


I don’t know why I was so adamant to find a good One Direction remix … but here it is! And I really do love it. The chorus has a lot more bite here than in the original. I could dance to this one.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

Why Pacific Rim Both Fails and Succeeds

3 movies+tvshows - wednesday

I have never been so torn as to whether I wanted to watch a movie or not as I was when it came to Pacific Rim, but curiosity got the better of me. Often times I will attempt to walk into a cinema with a bit of background, not so much as to ruin the plot or the enjoyment of the scenes, but enough to have a gauge of what I’m walking into. I usually look out for good and bad reviews, taking each of them with a grain of salt. So I was absolutely confused when critics slid apart like the fault lines of the Pacific rim, either completely hating the film or completely loving it. I did not understand how one movie could create such a divergence.


Walking out of the cinema, I kind of understood why it was so. Pacific Rim definitely takes with it a select audience and, thanks to its action and childlike appeal, a large one that will earn it tons of profit and praise and possible sequels and spinoffs and action figures galore. Most likely, if you enjoy the typical summer blockbuster, you will walk out feeling incredibly awe-struck and satisfied with the Industrial Light & Magic effects and action presented to you; that is, if you do not worry too much or nitpick with certain elements of the movie that will stand out as just self-indulgent, especially for fantasy heavyweight Guillermo del Toro (after all, this was his childhood fantasy come alive).

There is a lot for one to enjoy. And, personally, enjoy I did. The sci-fi elements were just right on the money with the Jaegers and two pilots forced to make a neural link or handshake so as to operate it. I loved Del Toro’s inspiration behind the Kaijus, a mixture of Japanese larger-than-life monsters like Godzilla, Goya’s The Colossus and Jurassic Park, and the potential socio-political symbols they can evoke. In terms of the larger concepts and the gorgeously cinematic fight scenes, Pacific Rim is literally jaw-dropping (indeed many mouths were open in the audience, I saw first hand). It really makes one feel like a kid again, playing with action figures in the backyard – except this time the action figures included the robotic giants Gipsy Danger and Cherno Alpha and the backyard are dozens of destroyed cities and the largest ocean playground, the Pacific.

And this is probably what the first group of critics see from Pacific Rim: not a perfect, but an absolutely enjoyable movie that brings out the child in any audience member. The plot and characters are passable enough for the grand scheme of Del Toro’s fantasy sci-fi baby.

As for the other handful of critics, they looked more into the nitty gritty and, admittedly, when one targets the humans rather than the Jaegers and Kaijus, there is plenty more to lust after in Pacific Rim.

Charlie Hunnam was mediocre in his lead role. I’m sure plenty of other male actors would have been a better choice. Mako’s character had the potential to push against stereotypical Asian roles, but insultingly supported Orientalism in its portrayal of the victim-like, shy Japanese woman who is saved by the self-righteous, patriotic American man.

Many of the lines in Pacific Rim were very generic: the good guy is nothing but good, the bad guy is nothing but bad. The same goes for the plot, it’s predictable. It does not add to past movies in its display of heroics. It does not seek to understand aliens for any other reason but to annihilate them. It is just a chauvinistic performance of man’s superiority.


But in the end, did I enjoy the film? Definitely. I loved the humor in it. I did not take the stereotypes too seriously. It is an action film any kid would feel completely enshrouded in.

I loved the occasional quirky lines. Spoilers ahead: My favourites included when Raleigh asks whether he was chosen as the best man for the job and Pentecost tells him that he was the only choice ’cause all the others were dead. I loved it when Mako “chasing the rabbit” almost results in complete destruction and the female automatic voice asks the team, “Would you like to try again?” For some reason I completely loved it when Gipsy Danger punched through a building and there was a close-up shot of Newton’s cradle being set into motion.

I loved the bromance between Dr. Geiszler and Dr. Gottlieb. The scene where Dr. Geiszler is in the shelter and loses his glasses and attempts to find them and puts them on again only to come close to being attacked by the Kaiju is reminiscent to me of the scene in Jurassic Park where Wayne Knight’s character, Dennis Nedry loses his glasses in the mud and when he puts them on is faced with a dilophosaurus. But he definitely was a mix of Nedry and Dr. Malcom (Jeff Goldblum’s character – even dressed the same). Did anyone else catch that?

8268805019_969a688b72_c goldblumjp jurassic-park-1

For all those still on the fence on whether or not to catch this film, I say that if you’re the kind who likes a thoughtful plot over the action and who prefers more mature films, Pacific Rim may not be your kind of movie. But if you’re in the mood for a good blockbuster, or are a fan of your typical Iron Man and Transformers combo, you’ll definitely enjoy this film. As a whole I loved the film, ’cause I’m a fan of Del Toro’s work and I appreciate any attempt at a sci-fi universe.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤