My Top 10 Favourite Derp Crew Town of Salem Games of 2015

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Hey guys!

So indulge me here while I make a list of my top 10 favourite Town of Salem games this year. I made a steadfast effort this year to save all my favourite Let’s Plays into a playlist on Youtube and definitely one of my favourite series has to be the Derp Crew playing Town of Salem.

If you’re unfamiliar with Town of Salem, I made a post a long while ago about it that you can read here and familiarise yourself with. I used to be so addicted to this game late last year and earlier this year and played it continuously. It was so addictive; it feed the logical and curiosity-driven side of me. Long story short, it is a lot like the game Werewolf – or Mafia – or Polar Bear, depending on how it is called when someone probably taught you about it.

All of this being said, here is the countdown to my favourite episode of them playing it. I’m not going to describe any of what happens. Discovering the roles and what happens in the end is the best part after all. Plus, when I go back and watch this I want to be surprised all over again.

10. Grandma The GodFather (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 59)

9. MIND BLOWN: The Plot Twists! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 29)

8. Pokemon Murder Theme! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 86)

7. PART 100 SPECIAL!(The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 100)

Note: Referring to the first game only (0:00 – 20:48)

6. MY BEST GAME! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 37)

5. THE TRANSPORTER GOD! (Town of Salem QUAD FACECAM w/ The Derp Crew Ep. 29)

And to watch it all unfold from another perspective: The Ultimate Mafia Plan! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 30)

4. PIE WARFARE! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 48)

3. The Fail Highlight Episode: ZePeePee and Kim Jong Un Dong (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 32)

Note: Watch 2:25 into the video till 4:53.

2. LoveMyNuts: The PERFECT Game (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 78)

1. How To Get a BoyFriend (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 61)

And to watch it unfold from Ze’s perspective: THE EXECUTIONER’S CHOICE! (Town of Salem QUAD FACECAM w/ The Derp Crew Ep. 58)

Well, that’s all from me! Hope to come back to these videos next year and watch them all over again. And, while this list is mostly for my amusement, if you end up watching all of the episodes, do let me know which one you would consider your favourite. 🙂

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


30DPC Day 6: Locked in a room with your greatest fear …

6. You are locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room?

What I immediately thought of, looking at this question, were boggarts, Dauntless simulations and The Ordeal from Tortall. In all these scenarios, fears were never well known by the protagonist. They had to be experienced before they were known, e.g. in the case of Professor Lupin who had seen his boggart a thousand times and new it was the full moon. But, I have never really been in a room, facing my greatest fear. So how will I know exactly what its true manifestation is?

johari-windowI imagine the Johari Window in this case, to guide me along to answering my question. Some aspects of ourselves is open, known by others and known by ourselves; some aspects may only known by others and constitute the blind spot of our knowledge of ourselves; some aspects we only know privately and have yet to disclose to other individuals; and – the most interesting aspect to me – is the one which neither you nor others have knowledge of. Think of it as a boggart that sits in the wardrobe undefined, unseen. No one knows what it looks like because it holds infinite potentials to transform, depending on the person in front of them.

So … what is in that room for me? I can only share with you here the fears I know I have. But the truth is that something far more fearful could be awaiting me in that room that I just have no knowledge of. At this point in time, I would like to state that it takes a lot of courage for Rhey of Sunshine and I to share these fears. ‘Cause ultimately this question is asking us to reveal what our greatest fears are.

Possibly the most visceral scenario that would manifest in that room would be a dark and dank series of endless bridges and tightropes. It would be extremely far down to the actual floor where there are all forms of horrific, sharp torture await, mangled body parts telling of previous mad attempts pried open with innards plastered among the wreckage. I would have to navigate on thin, terribly-constructed ropes or rickety bridges to reach the far side of the room. I kind of imagine that bridge scene in Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

“Darkness is happening,” said the leather woman, very quietly. “Night is happening. All the nightmares that have come out when the sun goes down, since the cave times, when we huddled together in fear for safety and for warmth, are happening. Now.”
Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere

Additionally, there would be an unrecognisable dark shadow, darker than any known darkness, solid and real, pressing me to move forward, slipping along the back of my spine. This shadow will cackle, whisper terrifying realisations of inevitable failure and send horrific visions that will suddenly appear in my path, encouraging me to take the plunge. Although I will be inside a room, there will be a constant gust of wind, forcing everything around to quiver. Everything will be semi-darkness, making it hard to see the steps I take.

And at the end of the entire obstacle is a scene which I am helpless to. Someone very close to me that I am required to save, have the means to, but such means is almost impossible.

That is one possible scenario. But, at the end of the day, it has little do with what is in the room and more of how it will end up being presented. I’m not really one to be afraid of monsters. Monsters downright fascinate me. And I find an unexplainable (possibly masochistic?) thrill in running away from them – or having the opportunity to defeat them. But I am afraid of precarious potentials – in extremes. The potential to fail while so close to success; the potential to die while so close to living; the potential to save a life while so close to your own death.

My room would then be filled with such potentials.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤