My Ranking for 2016 Movies Caught out of Theatres

3 movies+tvshows - wednesday

So this is my second annual movie post – the movies I’ve caught outside of the theatres. The junk movies that I dare not pay full ticket prices for, the ones I just missed, the ones that I just found myself watching one crazy afternoon, evening, late night … on a flight to Melbourne, on a random channel on TV, on my new Netflix subscription (currently on my second month of Netflix). This year I have an assortment of really terrible movies on my list, and some decent ones. More terrible. Unlike last year where I caught some amazing Studio Ghibli gems.

And my rating for them … well, apart from the top three … the rest were just awful:

  1. The Good Dinosaur
  2. Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi
  3. Love Actually
  4. The 5th Wave
  5. Love & Other Drugs
  6. Goosebumps
  7. Knocked Up
  8. Zapped
  9. The Peanuts Movie
  10. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
  11. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  12. A 2nd Chance

I know some people may be questioning why I put The Peanuts Movie so low – but picture a really long flight and me watching it somewhere in the middle of it. I don’t have much sentiment towards Peanuts, so although I know it’s supposed to be really endearing, it bored me to death. Again, these lists are very subjective.

To better movies out of theatres next year!

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


My Ranking for 2016 Movies Caught in Theatres

3 movies+tvshows - wednesday

Yup! Surprise! I think I’ve posted a total of four blog posts this year, and all of them have been so whiny (personally judging my past self’s emotional turmoil). But, it has been a busy year. There were a lot of first and lasts. But I knew, if anything, I had to continue with some of the wrap-ups of the year. If not for readers (if there are any still out there) then for myself.

One that I’ve been particularly consistent in is my list and ranking of the movies I’ve watched in and outside cinemas. So, here are the ones I’ve caught this year (starting from the last place I stopped last year, so technically Dec 2015 onwards) in the order I’ve watched them:

Surprisingly, I’ve watched around the same amount of movies this year as last year. As usual, I usually choose the ones to watch in cinemas either according to their Rotten Tomato ratings, personal preference and, sometimes, I’m roped in to watch a few.

And here are my ratings for them:

  1. Train to Busan
  2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  3. 10 Cloverfield Lane
  4. Zootopia
  5. Deadpool
  6. Moana
  7. Finding Dory
  8. Kung Fu Panda 3
  9. X-Men: Apocalypse
  10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  11. Doctor Strange
  12. Captain America: Civil War
  13. Star Trek Beyond
  14. Apprentice
  15. Ghostbusters
  16. Me Before You
  17. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

To be honest, all the ones around no. 4 to 13 have about the same ranking to me. And honestly, none of them are that terrible – except for no. 15 and no. 16 (both of which I personally hate with a passion due to very different reasons – and which I know have very polarising audience opinions). Be reminded that the way I rank movies is entirely subjective. Some things I factor in include: the experience, whether I’d watch it again, whether it moves away from cliches.

I also didn’t expect that the no. 1 movie I would love so much would be a Korean zombie movie. But hey, the best movies don’t follow the most obvious tropes!

Stay tuned for my ranking of movies outside the cinema next week! (Hopefully next week!)  As well as some other yearly round-ups.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

Edited: Added Deadpool because I completely missed out on it.

Weekly Update: Youtube Geek Week “Winners”

7 the rest - sunday

This week was chaotic again! Finished a long day today, celebrated national day in my country. Tomorrow – or more like later today – I’m set to go visit my dad and then play a couple rounds of Left for Dead 2 to get rid of my pent up anxiety and rage via my favourite M16. Lately it seems like my weekends are more eventful than my weekdays. Haven’t heard a word yet about my potential employment. I hope they get back to me soon … and that sounds like I’m stuck in the desert. Day 124. No signs of life. It’s been days since I’ve seen a human. My water container is down to its last few drops. Might dehydrate soon. That, or whatever deadly lifeforms out here will kill me.

But, before I (once again) go on to (over) dramatising my life events, here are my choices for this geeky week.

1. Geeky Song of the Week: Duel of the Fates from Star Wars (The Noisy Freaks and Dead C∆T Bounce Remix)

I thought this song was just too cool when I first heard it – so I listened to it about three more times, and it was still just too cool. Also, it kind of gives a hint as to what I was researching on for next week’s upcoming Thursday Soundtracks blog post. Sadly, this one isn’t included in it, ’cause it’s a bit off-topic. Either way, I think this remix is just epic. Plus, it’s quite in keeping with Youtube’s Geek Week theme.

2. Geeky Youtube Video of the Week: SourceFedNerd’s Mario Kart Wii goes HEAD 2 HEAD!

Another geeky win! I really loved it when they went head to head with Mario Kart Wii. Kinda makes me want to buy this game for my brother – just so I can play it myself. Personally I loved CJs face during the second half of the video. I thought it was very relatable (I am also a pretty sore loser sometimes) plus, if you take it lightly, it’s just hilarious how upset he is. And water balloons is just awesome punishment.

3. Geeky Trailer of the Week: Sherlock Season 3 Teaser

Well, that’s it, I can’t take it anymore. I need to see Watson’s reaction to Sherlock’s return. And Benedict Cumberbatch’s trolling of the audience during Comic Con with spoilers on Sherlock’s death just made me both laugh at the bit and cry in disappointment for the lack of any spoilers. Please, BBC, just show season 3 already!

And that’s all! 🙂

I’m actually thinking of adding more categories to this weekly update. But I’m not sure exactly what. If anyone has any ideas do leave them in the comments below!

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤

E3 trailers wind-up and more

3 music+movies+tvshows - wednesday

e3, a video and computer games convention, stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo and is held at the L.A. convention centre. this year’s event began just yesterday/today (June 11) and, as a result, my social feeds have been bombarded with an onslaught of gaming news. while i couldn’t care less about the heated battle between the ps4 and xbox one, a debate that doesn’t concern a person who stopped contributing to the console market since ps1, i’m always excited to watch the trailers and sneak peeks of the games about to debut – even though i can’t play a majority of them:

1. The Last of Us

if anything, this is the most anticipated game coming out of E3 2013. a console game built for ps3, the last of us is a survival horror game reminiscent of the walking dead and i am legend. the general landscape of the game features a city thriving with the fungus-infected living dead and a father-daughter duo attempting to outlast their dying world. in terms of the ps4 vs. xbox one debate, this game itself may serve as the sole reason why gamers might want to buy the ps4.


watch dogs takes the usual concept of war and gun shootouts and transforms it into information warfare through the central protagonist and antihero, Aiden Pearce. it’s launch at E3 has garnered positive responses mostly due to its concept and amazing graphics. watching the trailer itself is like watching the layout of a high-tech action movie. i won’t be surprised if the game is set to launch on the big screen in the near future, with Nicholas Cage as Aiden no less.

3. Star Wars Battlefront 

i used to watch my brother play this game on the computer, so it kind of has a soft spot. less of a trailer and more of a teaser, the latest installment of star wars is long-overdue for a release. EA DICE unveiled this trailer just yesterday during E3 but little more information is given about it. meanwhile, the teaser is all that’s available for anticipating star wars gamers.

4. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

expanding on the original concept of the game, the sequel is set to add a 4-player co-op mode to the experience where different plants have different abilities. i know i can’t wait to see what this game is like, since it is coming out on the “all-accessible” PC. but the wait is going to be a long one, as the launch date is set to be in Spring 2014. 😦

5. Call of Duty: Ghosts

call of duty: ghosts probably isn’t a game i’d play. i’m honestly not into the counter-strike and battlefield kind of games. it’s also unlikely that i’d get myself into the latest installment of  CoD when it comes out in november. but i just had to add this one in there because, while i can’t exactly appreciate the gameplay myself, i can still admire the amazing graphics within the game, especially the underwater sequence played through by the guys from IGN in the above video.

so, i’ve gone through five games featured in E3 and that are about to be launched in the upcoming future. another trailer i’ve yet to check out, but is on my ‘watch later’ list is Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Trailer. but i think that’s all for now in terms of gaming trailers. i’d like to move on to a trailer i just saw today:

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

elves and hobbits and dragons, oh my! it looks just amazing and i can’t wait for it to come out. orlando bloom is back, with his fishtail braid and weird silver blue eyes in the trailer. they finally showed the face (or CGI face) of Smaug. all i need now is a time, ticket and popcorn. 😀

i hope you guys enjoyed my wind-up of the E3 trailers/videos that have caught my attention. and my fangirling of the latest installment of the the hobbit trailer.

till next time!

cumuloq ❤

all the pretty things: pretty umbrellas

Monday - All the Pretty Things

it’s 4.05pm over here. 33 degrees celsius and thunderstorms are approaching in the distance. i like rainy days. but only when i’m tucked in bed and allowed to sleep the entire day. but that is usually not the case and i’m outside battling the elements. one thing that makes me smile during the gloomy weather is umbrellas. there was one time when i was late for my seminar, completely drenched, my hair plastered to my head in an ungodly fashion, and my wet clothes giving me the shivers in the air-conditioned room. but when i reached the seminar room, i felt all better when i saw the row of pretty umbrellas lined up in the corridor in all different colours. umbrellas make rainy days a whole lot better. especially when they’re all in pretty colours and designs and shapes.

so i went to and picked out some of my favourite umbrellas!













and, just for the star wars fans, these lightsaber umbrellas:


till next time!

cumuloq ❤