My Top 10 Favourite Derp Crew Town of Salem Games of 2015

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Hey guys!

So indulge me here while I make a list of my top 10 favourite Town of Salem games this year. I made a steadfast effort this year to save all my favourite Let’s Plays into a playlist on Youtube and definitely one of my favourite series has to be the Derp Crew playing Town of Salem.

If you’re unfamiliar with Town of Salem, I made a post a long while ago about it that you can read here and familiarise yourself with. I used to be so addicted to this game late last year and earlier this year and played it continuously. It was so addictive; it feed the logical and curiosity-driven side of me. Long story short, it is a lot like the game Werewolf – or Mafia – or Polar Bear, depending on how it is called when someone probably taught you about it.

All of this being said, here is the countdown to my favourite episode of them playing it. I’m not going to describe any of what happens. Discovering the roles and what happens in the end is the best part after all. Plus, when I go back and watch this I want to be surprised all over again.

10. Grandma The GodFather (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 59)

9. MIND BLOWN: The Plot Twists! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 29)

8. Pokemon Murder Theme! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 86)

7. PART 100 SPECIAL!(The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 100)

Note: Referring to the first game only (0:00 – 20:48)

6. MY BEST GAME! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 37)

5. THE TRANSPORTER GOD! (Town of Salem QUAD FACECAM w/ The Derp Crew Ep. 29)

And to watch it all unfold from another perspective: The Ultimate Mafia Plan! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 30)

4. PIE WARFARE! (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 48)

3. The Fail Highlight Episode: ZePeePee and Kim Jong Un Dong (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 32)

Note: Watch 2:25 into the video till 4:53.

2. LoveMyNuts: The PERFECT Game (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 78)

1. How To Get a BoyFriend (The Derp Crew: Town of Salem – Part 61)

And to watch it unfold from Ze’s perspective: THE EXECUTIONER’S CHOICE! (Town of Salem QUAD FACECAM w/ The Derp Crew Ep. 58)

Well, that’s all from me! Hope to come back to these videos next year and watch them all over again. And, while this list is mostly for my amusement, if you end up watching all of the episodes, do let me know which one you would consider your favourite. 🙂

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


Books Read in 2014 Ranked

Hey everyone!

So if it hasn’t been apparent yet, I have finished my goal to read 25 books for 2014. Yay! So what I want to do in this post is to rearrange the list of books that I read this year from the best to the worst – a great way to review all the books I’ve read in a nutshell.

25. Insurgent by Veronica Roth (February)

Insurgent was definitely the worst of the bunch. Terrible character and plot development. I’m really not looking forward to the movie itself. As far as I’m concerned, I’m completely put off by the Divergent series. Even the lovely Shailene Woodley cannot save this.

24. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (December)

Girl Online is a read for those who are huge fans of the Youtuber, Zoe Suggs. It’s a lighthearted read you can curl in bed with on a rainy day. Never to take too seriously – it’s basically a rom com in book form.

23. Looking For Alaska by John Green (March)

Back when John Green thought himself one with the teen crowd but made a terribly cliched attempt at a teenage story. Oh, what do teenagers like? Cigarettes, tattoos, skipping class, rebellion – great, let’s have that. Oh, what makes a book have substance? Divorce, abuse, rape, alcohol and drug overdose, suicide – yup, that sounds great. That’s what Looking for Alaska is.

22. Emily of Emerald Hill by Stella Kon (September)

Overall a decent play. But a forgettable one for me. Maybe better as a play than a read through.

21. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick (May)

I was really looking forward to this one, but again I have a feeling that it will be forgotten along with the above few stories. Maybe Blade Runner is a better movie, but K. Dick’s book was not really my cup of tea. I felt like two thirds of it I was waiting for something to start that didn’t.

20. The Death Cure by James Dashner (June)

A decent enough ending for The Maze Runner series. But I prefer the Mockingjay as a series ending. Another book I feel like I need to reread before the final movie to remember what exactly happened.

19. The Giver by Lois Lowry (July)

I have honestly yet to watch the movie. But I thought the book itself was a pretty decent dystopian story. I remember being fascinated by the Christian allusions in it. Overall a thought-provoking read. But I don’t think I’ll continue on in the series.

18. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne (September)

A really easy read and in touched upon some distressing issues about the Holocaust and Auschwitz. I was so frustrated by the ending of this novel, but looking back on it, I feel like it was so necessary for the moral of the story. Only trouble I have is the portrayal of Bruno as a protagonist. He seemed more ignorant than a boy his age should have been.

17. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher (March)

A better depiction of teenagers than Green’s Looking For Alaska – I felt like a decent portion of 2014 was spent looking for decent teenage novels. For this one I loved all the characters except the protagonist, which is a real odd feeling for me because I usually feel the closest with the protagonist. But, overall, I recommend it.

16. Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (March)

I watched the movie a while back and decided to go to the novel to see if there was anything different. It definitely was different – if anything a little plain. I expected a lot more depth in language and character. But overall it was a decent book. More all-rounded than Thirteen Reasons Why.

15. Slaughterhouse-five by Kurt Vonnegut (October)

This book really made me think about how we perceive time and space. It was incredibly well-written in terms of the choice of words by Vonnegut and I loved the entire plot of Billy Pilgrim getting dislodged in the time-space continuum – and the entire symbolism of it.

14. Sold by Patricia McCormick (September)

Sold was really different for me. It touches upon the issue of child trafficking and it made me really hurt inside for Lakshmi. It is also incredibly misleading. Despite how easy it is to read, and how few words there are sometimes, it tells so much more than is on the page – and its subject matter is so difficult to get through. For these reasons, Sold is another must-read.

13. The Kill Order by James Dashner (October)

I didn’t really expect much from the prologue of The Maze Runner, but this one surprised me as to how much I did love it. I loved the world that Dashner created after the sun flares. And the unexpected twist at the end of the novel.

12. Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman (December)

I read this one in one night, two hours, on a cruise and was absolutely absorbed in the story. It is the perfect kind of magical realism children’s world that Gaiman creates. I would absolutely love to read this to my children one day before they go to sleep – or recreate my own reason as to why I was late to fetch the milk. 😉

11. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (July)

Neverwhere is definitely a more grown-up Gaiman novel that I loved. Honestly, I feel fortune to have read books that I generally loved this year and that I do not feel like I’ve wasted my time on. I loved the idea of London Above and London Below and that people can fall through the cracks and end up in an entirely scumbag world where you risk being forgotten and eaten by the rot. Gaiman is definitely an author that captured my heart this year – and the beautiful irony was that my New Year’s resolution for this year was a Gaiman quote.

10. The Maze Runner by James Dashner (May)

I feel like I have to put a majority of Maze Runner in my top 10 because I just absorbed this trilogy into my veins, like literal osmosis. It’s fast-paced, has so many twists and turns and a protagonist that I absolutely love-hated with a passion and a world that is just ugly to the core. I only wish for more character development.

9. Paper Towns by John Green (May)

Paper Towns took me by surprise as something I loved. After reading Looking for Alaska, I felt that The Fault in Our Stars was a fluke and that there would be no other good John Green book. Paper Towns renewed my faith that Green could write for teenagers. I liked the protagonist, I liked the plot. It had quotable quotes. I can’t wait for the movie.

8. The Scorch Trials by James Dashner (June)

I feel like The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials was pretty much tied in love, but Paper Towns somehow managed to sandwich itself through – I don’t know what I’m saying now, it’s late and I did not expect that it would take so long to quick review 25 books (stupid stupid idea). But the one reason why The Scorch Trials wins over The Maze Runner for me is Brenda. Brenda was a great addition. And the landscape of the desert was just the grit the trilogy needed to make everything even more real and disgusting. Also, one chapter actually made me gasp and almost scream. I mean, I didn’t even do that for The Shining. But The Scorch Trials did that to me.

7. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (August)

Speak was an incredibly powerful novel for me. It spoke to me (oh my, here comes the unintentional puns). It tells the story of Melinda Sordino, who suffers from selective mutism after a traumatising incident (which I will not “speak” of). There were moments in this novel that really just yanked my heart out of my mouth.

6. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou (September)

So what inspired Speak was this novel, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I think it’s been a while since I’ve read a book that was just gorgeously written. If you want poetry in prose form, Maya Angelou is the goddess of poetic writing. There are so many lines in this novel that should just be memorised and recited when one needs freedom from racism, sexism and just from being a judged human being. Absolute love.

5. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (March)

Gah, this book gave me the feels. And, yes, I cried. The Fault in Our Stars is not perfect. It has its – dare I say it – faults. But there were so many moments in this book that reminded me of my own life (and I’m sure many of other readers’ lives) that I just have to put it up high on this list. I will remember many of these scenes more than others from other books on the list. Augustus Waters will forever live in these pages … okay, why am I getting so soppy in these last few reviews. Hush. Shut up.

4. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (May)

My good friend and fellow blogger, Rhey of Sunshine’s, favourite book. I decided to read it this year and I do not regret it. It was an incredible story of Charlie Gordon – a Forrest Gump-esque character – and his journey of obtaining intelligence through an experiment and the changes he experiences in his humanity and personality because of it.

3. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (November)

I feel like this novel in particular is going to inspire me in a lot of my writing in the future. The Graveyard Book was everything that I needed in a Gaiman’s novel. It is the tale of a character named Nobody (Bod for short), who lives in a graveyard for his own protection. This is another book I can’t wait to be turned into a movie. And I feel like if there is a gorgeous version of it in book form, I would totally get it and reread it.

2. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman (June)

I think I will forever remember reading this book in one sitting in the library. I will cut this review short, but I feel like it was such a perfect novel, one of the best of 2014 – not only among the books I read, but I believe among all the other books of 2014. I feel like everyone should read this book if they were to read any book that came out this year.

1. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (April)

This book definitely sits at the top of my list. Recently I’ve been listening to the audio book of it read by Will Wheaton and it honestly still leaves me so enthralled and gives me chills. I love the characters, I love the world and I love the plot. Whenever I read it I feel like I’m being given a crash course in American pop culture in the 80s.

Let me know what books you absolutely loved in 2014 and which ones I should add to my list for 2015. I’m contemplating of giving myself another goal for reading books next year. Maybe I’ll make it 30 – or keep it at 25 still (no need changing something that works). Either way, I just hope that I keep reading consistently. This year has been so much more amazing because of the above books I’ve read.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

My Top 10 Youtube Gaming Channels of 2014

5 tgfyv - friday

Hi guys!

The end of 2014 is upon us. I remember it being February and I thought to myself how long this entire year would be and how I felt like I would never make it to this point in my life – but then suddenly everything was swept up in a Wizard-of-Oz-esque tornado and right now I feel like Dorothy, having experienced an entire adventure that required more brains, courage and heart than I’ve had to muster before.

But, enough of that. Along with the entire experience of 2014, I’ve realised, after collating this list, that my taste in a lot of things have changed. And, I thought it apt to sum up my favourite Youtube gamers of 2014. Maybe the year after I can do this again and see how things change once more.

Firstly, a special mention …

Special Mention: REACT channel by the Fine Bros

REACT Channel - Outlast

I love watching the kids/teens/elderly react to all kinds of videos, but this year, I believe the Fine Bros made a smart move (among many other smart moves) to create a channel in which their “victims” react to all sorts of other things. Among the things they react to, besides food, giving advice, and toys, is video games. For those who aren’t the usual viewers of gamer channels on Youtube. I feel like this is a good channel to start.

Now, let’s get to the actual list …


I got into Kim’s Channel mostly because I was so addicted to Mario Kart 8 videos and all the usual channels I’m subscribed to had been exhausted. Kim of the Yogscast was exactly what I was looking for. After that, I watched a lot of her other videos and I’m absolutely in love with them. It helps that she plays the games I’m typically interested in, which include Steam Indie Games and Nintendo Games. She’s a good one to also start off with if you’re not much of a gamer yourself but like to watch a group of people have a fun time instead of having a fun time yourself. (‘Cause I’m sad like that sometimes.) 

9. Polaris

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I mostly watch FriendZone from Polaris. There are some cast members I absolutely love, like Dodger, the occasional GameGrump(s), NintendoFanFTW, and CinnamonToastKen, but others I find are rather (excuse the pun) dodgy. And because of this they’re not higher on my list. But they have some really lighthearted content that you can just click on and be sure that you can waste a good hour or so with: playlists such as “Sort This!” and “Table Flip” and “Strippin’s Got Game Show”. And probably because of this, this gaming channel has dug itself a nice warm spot in my heart this year.

8. GassyMexican

For me, it’s been pretty difficult to figure out who to watch when there’s a huge group of gamers that are together and play the exact same game and will generally have to same audio but somewhat different footage. I’m not the type of person anymore who will waste their time watching the same played game from four or five different perspectives (cue meme: Nobody’s got time for that!) Before this year GassyMexican had been the gamer that I’d see from another person’s perspective and never gone on his channel to check out his. But, by the end of 2014, I’ve realised I really like this guy’s personality and now he’s crawled his way up to one of the few that I’d probably only check the perspective of.

7. Lets Play (RoosterTeeth)

Maybe a year ago the guys from Achievement Hunter would have been at the top of this list, but this year they’ve lost a significant amount of their charm for me. (Cue a completely unexpected rant:) I used to get so dang excited about their next Minecraft or Grand Theft Auto videos, but now I leave their Minecraft videos on my Watch Later list for weeks before I watch them and I don’t even blink at their GTA vids anymore. I avoid their comment section at all cost because everyone seems to be so negative. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love their content. Personally what I enjoy the most from this channel lately are the more random games they play. If anything those are the games I wish they’d play more. Personally I completely disagree with Geoff that their best videos are their GTA vids. If anything, they need to stop having Minecraft and GTA as continuous series – heck, even get rid of their Versus, Hunt and Go – and cater to the numerous other games out there that have yet to lose their charm from overplay.

6. SeaNanners

For such short 2-3 minute videos, SeaNanners’ Channel is amazing. His personality is infectious and you instantly fall in love with it, and this is probably why he has such a loyal following. My favourite videos of his include when he plays The Hidden and Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt. The only reason why he’s probably not higher up in this list is because he’s not much of an all-rounded gamer. Garry’s Mod is his territory and often you’ll realise you’re not watching it for the game itself but the creative conversations and mini-games he and his friends create within it – which is amazing sometimes and other times can be complete misses for me.

5. ZeRoyalViking

The above video is probably the weirdest and best videos I’ve seen from Ze. If you had asked me last year who my favourite Youtubers were, Ze probably would not have been on the list. In fact, he wasn’t someone I even probably could identify on Youtube – yet. But this year, I realise that I’ve been watching a lot more of his videos; videos such as DerpCraft (I preferred his perspective as he was the one who was actually building a lot of things – albeit bridges – among the others) and I felt like I’d been on an emotional journey with him as I watched his series on “My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant” – which was amazing beyond belief. And, because of these unforgettable moments, he’s climbed up to my 5th favourite Youtube Gamer of 2014.

4. Game Grumps

Game Grumps had some beyond amazing moments for me this year. A little lacklustre towards the end of the year, but incredibly solid videos in the beginning and middle of this year. I absolutely fell in love with the entire cast: Arin, Danny, Ross, Barry and Suzie. Their humour is always so on par. They have incredible stories and conversations during their videos and they really make subscribers feel like they’re part of one huge family. I would love to have Arin or Danny as an uncle, Ross as an annoying brother and Barry as a supportive one and Suzie as an amazingly creative and sweet sister. The only reason why they’re not higher on this list is because they cannot master “storytelling” video games, which is a real bummer. When you watch a Game Grumps video, be sure to be entertained by their fails and successes, but usually never with the backstory of the video they’re playing. And because of this, they cannot surpass my next favourite Youtube video gamer …

3. Markiplier

I’ll be honest and say I’m not that much of a loyal follower of him, I don’t watch every video he comes out with every day, every week of every month. But the three series that I did watch him complete, Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower and Among the Sleep, were some of the best series I watched this year. Watching Mark play a game, you can tell he is so respectful and admirable of the video game developer’s craft; he is so immersed in the story, and some of the lines he screams out are genius. I can guarantee that I’ll start 2015 with a newfound respect for his videos and definitely catch more of them in future. I also personally appreciate that he takes the time to finish the videos and pay attention to details within them. If there were any Youtube Gamer out there who shows genuine appreciation of his career and the content he deals with, it’s Markiplier.

2. CriousGamers

It’s really difficult out there to find a Youtube gamer who has a good mix of everything in his/her channel and in themselves. ChilledChaos definitely does have a whole lot of everything that makes him one of my most go-to channels for gaming. It is (almost) safe to say that in this entire year I’ve watched at least one of his videos every day. Chilled has charisma, intelligence, is (sometimes questionably) a nice guy and is a more than decent gamer such that he won’t make you cringe when he takes on a game or goes in a competition against other gamers. He will make you cringe in other departments – such as his terrible cosplay of Princess Peach – but, that’s okay, you can skip those videos if they’re a bit too risque. All that aside, because of his consistency and dedication to his channel, he’s still up there (and probably will be up there for a long time) among my favourites.

1. OhmWrecker

This one is a surprise to me, because if I was told in the beginning of this year that I would put OhmWrecker before RoosterTeeth and ChilledChaos in a list of my top 10 favourite Youtube Gamers, I would have not believe you, but I admit, it’s true – very very true. OhmWrecker has the knack of finding games, like Don’t Starve Together, Depth, Evolve, and Town of Salem, that I will just watch the heck out of. Some nights have been spent this year going on marathons of Ohm’s videos, staying up to as late (or early) as six in the morning finishing off, just one more, Town of Salem video. What makes his videos even more appealing is the friends he surrounds himself with and the personality that he projects in his video. Because of all of this dedication to his channel, I would gladly put him at the top of my list.

And that’s it! That’s the list. Among all these amazing Youtube video gamers are hundreds of thousands of video games played, and a whole range of them to satisfy anyone’s cravings. If you had to follow just ten video gamers on Youtube, I suggest that you follow these guys. 😀

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

My Ranking for 2014 Movies Caught in Theatres

3 movies+tvshows - wednesday

Hello there everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve made any other post apart from an update.

Today I’ll be going through the movies that I’ve watched in theatres for 2014 and will be ranking them from best to worst.

Take note that these are the movies that I’ve only watched up till now. So this means it may not contain your favourites and may miss out some great movies because I never watched them yet (since they are coming out in December). Also, take note that even though a movie may be at the bottom, it doesn’t mean that I regard them as the worse movies ever – after all I did take the time to actually go see them instead of a handful of others. And the ones that are at the bottom of my list are usually ones that I was dragged along to watch.

So, without much ado, here is the gallery of the movies watched (sorted in the order I watched them in) and a ranking of them. Enjoy.

  1. Big Hero 6 ♥ 
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy 
  3. Edge of Tomorrow 
  4. The Lego Movie ♥  
  5. How to Train Your Dragon 2 
  6. The Fault in Our Stars
  7. Mockingjay – Part 1 
  8. The Maze Runner
  9. The One-Hundred Foot Journey 
  10. The Wolf of Wall Street 
  11. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 
  12. The Book of Life
  13. Mr. Peabody and Sherman 
  14. X-Men Days of Future Past 
  15. Penguins of Madagascar
  16. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 
  17. Annabelle
  18. Non-Stop
  19. Divergent 
  20. Dracula Untold
 ♥ Movies I watched in theatres twice

So, are there any movies you caught in 2014 that you think I should catch and deserve to be at the top of the list?

The next list I’ll be ranking are movies I managed to catch this year that weren’t in theatres. 🙂

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

My Top 5 Favourite Female Youtube Gamers

5 tgfyv - friday

I believe a while back I did a post on my top 5 favourite female beauty youtubers. Since then, I thought that it was funny that I made a list for female beauty gurus when most of the time I spend on youtube is actually watching Let’s Plays and games – not girls putting on make-up.

Hence, today I thought it was befitting to shine the light on some BAMF youtube gamers who just so happen to also be girls.

Now, I’m not getting into the whole debate of whether the term “girl gamer” is either derogatory or empowering to the female gender within the gaming industry, but here, I just want to share with you guys these youtubers who make me proud in the field of gaming.

And no, I’m not choosing the best female MLGs around in the world – I’m choosing youtubers who have made an impression, in one way or another, to me.

5. Aureylian – Mostly Minecraft gamer (200,000+ subscribers)

5-AureylianAurey pretty much looks like Ariel in real life. I just had to say this first. I mostly watch her through her weekly, Building Game, but I admire her most because of the type of image she tries to portray to her audience.

I feel like she stands apart from some of the other gamers because she really does not attempt to (for lack of a better expression) “sell” the fact that she is a girl. She also addresses the issue which I did not want to get into, i.e. the “girl gamer” term really well. Here’s her PSA video which I believe is really well thought out.

“It is just really unfortunate that we have to do that, as girls, we have to worry about things that we wear. And I have to worry about someone insulting my intelligence …”

So if you’re looking for someone who is genuinely sincere about the way she addresses her audience, Aurey’s channel will be perfect for you!

4. Barbara Dunkelman – Marketing and Community Manager of Rooster Teeth

4-Barbara-DunkelmanKnown for her ridiculously corny puns on the Rooster Teeth Podcast (“Dammit, Barbara!”), Barbara comes in fourth in this list because of her impressive diversity in the gaming and entertainment community.

This includes, but is not limited to, being a co-director of RTX, the Rooster Teeth annual convention, a voice actress for Yang in the web-series RWBY (which I’ve only recently started watching – I’m all caught up now) and her other associations in Rooster Teeth created projects.

Personally, I feel like she’s underrated as a gamer in the community. She’s a very decent player in both FPS and platform games and she proved this in Season 2 of The Gauntlet as well as in various Let’s Plays featuring the Podcast Crew.

Plus, the fact that she was almost booted out of a male-dominated community because they did not believe a girl could love a Halo-parodied series, Redvs.Blue, so much is definitely saying something about her cred.

3. iHasCupquake a.k.a. Tiffany – Indie gamer (1,600,000+ subscribers)

3-iHasCupquakeCupquake is honestly one of the very first Minecrafters that I followed back in the days and fell absolutely in love with watching her videos.

Maybe it’s because of this reason that I’ve chosen her as one of my favourites, ’cause she’s buried a nice warm spot in my heart.

In terms of content, her more well-known Minecraft series include Minecraft Oasis and Cloud 9. She also does the Sims and a few flash and indie games here and there.

She is honestly, to me, one of the most dedicated and hardworking youtubers out there, and this is evident when you look at her large and supportive community. I mean, just check out the wikia entirely dedicated on her.

She also gives small showcases to smaller Youtubers from the gaming community on her weekly vlog series, Piece of Quake. Therefore I feel like, as a youtuber, she really makes an effort to not only share her love of games, art etc. but also attempt to know the people who watch her.

2. Meg Turney – Youtube Personality, Cosplayer (170,000+ subscribers)

2-Meg-TurneyI started watching Meg back when she was in SourceFed. There, during Head2Head matches, I always rooted for Meg to win – and no, not because she was girl – but because she honestly was the only one who could possibly beat Philip DeFranco‘s winning streak on the channel.

To me, Meg is a powerhouse nerd. She has the cultural knowledge and know-how around fandoms, anime and gaming, and she is also a more than decent gamer herself – especially when it comes to Nintendo games.

Right now, she is currently working as a co-host for The Know with Rooster Teeth. So, yes, she is totally BFFs with the above mentioned Barbara Dunkelman.

Honestly, out of the Youtubers I’ve mentioned so far, I feel as though if Meg Turney were in a Youtuber gaming competition, I would feel more than confident to root for her all the way to the end. She has that competitive edge to stand apart from her male counterparts in the industry, and I feel that this is what will keep her in her profession for a very long time.

1. Dodger a.k.a. Brooke Lawson – Polaris Youtuber (480,000+ subscribers)

1-PressHearttoContinueDodger is definitely my current favourite gamer. I discovered her from Polaris’ Friend Zone where she is the host of a two-and-a-half-hours-long livestream where a bunch of Youtubers get together to play games (tabletop, cards and video games) and talk together in onesies.

Yes it is as awesome as it sounds.

Whenever I want to just chill-out, I’ll click a random Friend Zone episode and she’s there to liven up my afternoon.

Just like Meg, I feel as though she has all the cultural gaming knowledge and skills to give any gaming guy a run for his money – which is probably why she is a regular host on almost all the shows of Polaris, a sub-network of Maker Studios that focuses mainly on gaming content.

I also love Dodger for her personality – and I think you really need to watch one of her videos to discover why. She has the most infectious laugh and bubbly enthusiasm necessary for her to climb this list and make it on top.

Oh, and just to show you how incredible Friend Zone looks, here’s a screencap of them playing Celebrity Heads (Dodger’s in the yellow fox onesie):

Friend Zone

And that’s all from me for today! I hope you discovered some lovely new women from this list. Some honourable other mentions (and you can go google them yourself) include RPGMinx, Rachelkip and Suzy from Game Grumps. Also, if I missed out any of your adamant favourites, don’t be afraid to list them down in the comments.

Enjoy your weekend, readers, and stay tuned for more content!

Cumuloq ❤

Disclaimer: All photos are not mine and belong to their original sources

30DBC Day 27: The most surprising plot twist or ending

Hi guys!

So here’s another 30 Day Book Challenge. Today I’ll be looking at a book I’ve read with the most surprising plot twist or ending. Actually I’m thankful to have read a few books with incredible plot twist endings. I’m thankful because I’ve decided to turn this into more of a category list instead of a description of one book’s plot twist. I thought this would be best because I really don’t want to divulge the plot twist of these books. I’d rather not write down spoilers. Instead, I’d rather list down these books, hint at the plot twist and have you guys read them yourselves and get absolutely blown away by them.

So, here are the books …

1. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Yes, I mentioned this book again but honestly this novel has the #1 plot twist! I did not expect to see it coming and, unlike some novels where the ending is a stretch, this one just fits in so well. Palahniuk should write detective novels. The beauty of this plot twist, after knowing it, changes the entire story – and not just for the events after, it changes everything you’ve read from the first page onwards. And isn’t that something remarkable? When you can literally never read this book the same way you did the first time you did. Yes, that is the magnitude of the Fight Club plot twist. You remember it for the rest of your life.

2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Honestly, when reading this plot twist when I was a child, I thought J.K. Rowling was a genius – and I felt like an absolute dingbat – and a judgemental idiot. I feel like I can reveal this spoiler because so many people have either read or watched this, but then again, I’ll just keep it as a known secret between me and you, the reader who has read it. I know there are many plot twists that appear after this novel – but honestly, this was the first one that had me stunned. And the one I shall mention now.

3. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Yes, another book I’ve already mentioned – actually in the book that disappointed me challenge. But, regardless of whether it disappointed me or not (only cause I expected it to be better than the movie), you can’t deny that the ending is a shocker and has so many implications to it. The fact that the General pulled a fast one on both Ender and the readers is worth the read. And I heard that the follow-up book had another plot twist in it as well worth reading.

4. Atonement by Ian McEwan

The ending to Atonement is heart-wrenching – and the novel’s ending and the movie’s ending are different, and they are equally heart-wrenching plot twists. At one point in time Atonement was my favourite novel. The plot twist at the end was part of the reason why. The movie’s gorgeous soundtrack is part of the reason why too.

So those are my top four favourite plot twist novels. I would recommend anyone read these novels just for their amazing endings. Please go check out Rhey of Sunshine‘s blog as well for more books with plot twist endings!

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My Top 5 Favourite Female Beauty Youtubers

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Hi everybody!

I thought that I would break the monotony of having all my 30DBC spamming the home page of my blog and actually post something up that is in regard to my usual seven topics of the week. Plus, today’s 30DBC was a short one, so I decided to add in more content for today. So I thought this would be a complete contrast from the books – videos! (Yes, smart me.)

I have actually been meaning to share a couple of my favourite Youtube girls because I have been introduced to a lot more recently. So, without further ado, let me introduce them:

5. Chrissy Costanza

Watch this video from 4:15 in onwards, because she promotes an app for a very long time in the beginning of this one. But Chrissy, if you might recognise her, is the lead singer of Against the Current! She also has her personal channel where she sometimes does faqs or make-up or beauty videos.

4. Kalel Cullen

Kalel may be better known as the fiance of Anthony from SMOSH, but she is really pretty and, in my opinion, has one of the more unique styles on Youtube. It is sort of a mix of bohemian and Japanese kawaii. I absolutely love the applicator brushes she uses in this video!

3. MsRosieBea

Rosie is one of the newer Youtubers I follow and I found out about her from the Beauty Bootcamp from DailyMix. She stood out to me because of her absolutely beautiful red hair. She is one of my lesser known and growing favourite beauty youtubers.

2. Hannah Maggs

Hannah is another new favourite, along with her adorable baby, Grayson (a.k.a. Squeaky G). I found out about her through her meet-up with Zoe in Brighton. But I’m becoming more and more enchanted by the life she leads. She is a really aspirational youtuber to watch because her skin has such a healthy glow to it and she seems like the nicest person ever.

1. Zoe Suggs

And, yup, I can’t help it, Zoe is definitely my number one go-to-girl. The irony is that she claims she’s not much of a beauty guru on youtube. But I love her look and style. She can carry off the boldest of looks (like black leather tights).

So these are my current favourites on my subscribe list. If you know of anyone who is like these girls, do recommend them to me! ❤ I am so glad finally list them all out. This is a bit of indulgent blogging on my end. I hope you enjoyed nonetheless.

Till next time,

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