2015 Update: My Top 5 Favourite Female Beauty Youtubers

5 tgfyv - friday

Hey everyone,

I know, it’s surprising. I haven’t been blogging for about two months and now I’ve posted six days straight. Maybe consider this my version of Vlogmas – just without video, and less Christmas-related and more of a review of different things this year.

So, on 25 April 2014 I made a list of my favourite female beauty gurus on youtube and I realise that a lot has changed from that list since then. Therefore, I present to you an updated list of the female beauty vloggers I watch and love watching currently:

5. Wengie

Wengie is an Asian beauty vlogger from Australia and she’s most well known for her comparison make-up videos like the one above. I’ve recently moved away from Western foundation as my face base to Asian CC creams and it’s always interesting to see how the formulas are different, so her vids are really informative.

4. Suzie aka HelloOctoberxo

I can’t really remember how I found Suzie, but I really have been watching a lot of her videos because she is really personable and friendly. I’m more of a fan of her make-up videos, like the one above as opposed to her fashion hauls. Her style isn’t really up my alley, but I could watch her make-up tutorials forever. Plus she is so beautiful.

3. Zoe Sugg aka Zoella

Yup, Zoe still stays on my list! I feel like she is a staple, especially when it’s currently Vlogmas and I squeal in the middle of the night whenever I see her new video is out. She’s just so bubbly and every single video is just bottled-up happiness. So yeah, Zoe. I love to watch all her videos really – plus her second channel videos. Actually, I like her second channel videos more for some reason. They’re wonderful to just play in the background while I’m doing other things.

2. Poppy Rawson aka MeMyMouse1

Okay, Poppy is love. Poppy is so much love when it comes to beauty vlogging. I feel like she’s always on-point with all her choices when it comes to technique, make-up brands, camera angles and make-up hauls. Of course, it absolutely helps that she has such flawless skin; every single foundation, highlighter, bronzer and blush just looks amazing on her.

1. Tanya Burr

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Tanya Burr – outside of her makeup tutorials. But if there is one thing that Tanya does amazingly it is to create makeup looks that are just breathtaking and so precise. So I would definitely put her in my number one list for beauty Youtubers.

Again, like last time, if you know anyone like these girls, let me know. Other than that I hope you yourself have discovered some wonderful new vloggers.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


Weekly Update! Walk the Moon, Prank Calls and Don’t Trust Chilled!

7 the rest - sunday

Hey everyone!

So .. thanks to this Buzzfeed post on absolutely sadistic things you can do in Sims, I completely exhausted all my time this weekend creating eight absolutely lovely – but evidently flawed – Sim characters, one beautiful mansion .. and proceeded to kill off one at a time every Sunday in a ruthless game show where the least popular dies.

This included multiple tournaments of beer pong and table tennis, countless bonfire parties, one party challenge, one job challenge, one writing challenge, one tombs and crypts challenge and one week of just hooking up and breaking up that was just ridiculous – and now I’m down to three Sim characters.

And now it’s Sunday, and I am just tying up the loose ends of the things I’m actually supposed to do – which does not include paying off my phone bill, transferring money to my parents and doing a test I’ve been putting off for ages. But que sera sera.

Let’s just get to the recap of this week’s favourites, shall we?

1. Song of the Week: Avalanche by Walk the Moon

Frankly, this entire week I’ve just been absolutely addicted to Walk the Moon songs. They are my favourite band of the moment. Just all of their songs – and all of their absolutely ridiculous and amazing homemade music videos. There’s just so much to love about them.

2. Video of the Week: Prank Calls with my Sister by ThatcherJoe

Honestly, Joe is so flippin’ creative. But sometimes his best videos are those in which he just tries to prank call his friends. And bringing Zoe into it makes it even more hilarious.

3. LP of the Week: Can’t Trust Chilled (Town of Salem) by CriousGamers

There’s honestly nothing more satisfying in Town of Salem than being able to fool your comrades. Sometimes Chilled fails like crazy. And sometimes he wins beyond belief. This game kind of shows a bit of both.

So, I hope you guys had a great weekend. I feel like this week is going to be a pressure cooker of a week for me. And coming out of it will not make me into a diamond – because the week after that will be even more ruthless. Maybe the week after that will be kinder.

I just know that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for me (with whatever is going on in my life) and I can almost reach it, but there are a few hills in the way clouding the view. (Wait .. why are there hills in my metaphorical tunnel??)

Can’t think straight no more. Gonna go back and listen to more Walk the Moon to make me ignorantly happy.

Goodnight, guys!

cumuloq ❤

An Honest ‘Girl Online’ Book Review

Girl OnlineTitle: Girl Online
Author: Zoe Sugg (and Siobhan Curham)
Hardcover: 344 pages

GoodReads rating: 3.81

When I had heard that Zoe Suggs would be writing and publishing a book of her very own I was excited. For about two years or so I’ve been following her blog and her vlogs on Youtube.

Watching her on Youtube, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I found her incredibly relatable. I’ve always felt like I have so many things in common with her. We’re the same age, we both have younger brothers who have incredibly similar personalities and we grew up with those terrible 90s neck chokers. So when the book was available, I immediately bought it off of BookDepository.com.

Before the book reached my doorstep, there was this whole news about how it was ghostwritten by above Siobhan Curham (this is a post she made in regards to the issue that you might want to read to clear the air on the false assumptions the media has made), a popular young adult writer who Zoe acknowledges at the end of her book. Penguin also confirmed that not all of the book was written by her. Hearing this news, I was torn. I was very torn because I, myself, yearn to one day be a writer and I wonder how it would feel like if I were ghostwriting and the book I wrote became a bestseller but the credit was never justifiably given to me and the words that I had written. At the same time, I felt indignant that online platforms – even Times news (why are you covering this?) – seemed to completely side-sweep the publisher, Penguin, and instead target Zoe – who they probably never heard of until this issue arose.

I had two responses when I heard this news. The short-term and immediate reaction was that I felt myself regretting having bought the book. I felt almost guilty. But then, maybe after a second-thought, I realised that because of all that was happening in regards to the issues of ghostwriting, I felt that it was even more necessary and relevant that I should read the novel.

Hence, the moment the hefty parcel reached my hands, just two days ago, I ripped it open and began digesting it. To avoid crediting where credit may not be due, I will address the novel itself instead of the author(s). I will, also, attempt to write as honestly as possible to how I felt about this novel – honest to both camps: those who love it and love Zoe and vehemently support and root for her, and those who are incredibly skeptical of the writing and believe that the story itself is garbage (which I believe it is not).

The first few chapters of Girl Online, and my first impression of it, was that it was palatable and the writing was decent. The character development was also pretty decent. The overall tone was quirky and easy to read.

I could tell that Penny, a sixteen-year-old student living in Brighton, aimed to be a girl with whom readers are immediately meant to identify with. She felt awkward, she was clumsy and shy and felt inadequate, and really wanted the approval of friends and family and boys.

Penny’s homosexual best friend, Elliot, was also someone with whom Zoe’s target readers should immediately love. When I read of him, I was immediately picturing Tyler Oakley in my head. And I wonder if that was intentional. I appreciated the random fun facts in the book and I honestly wish there had been more of that. I also wished there had been more exploration into who Elliot was as an individual and that he had not spent 80% of the novel hiding behind a mask of stereotypical “diva-fashionista-awesomeness” and comedic fluff.

Personally, I was still on board with the story, that is, till the point Penny and her family flew off to New York. The beginning story (without spoiling anything) attempted to tackle issues that I felt are close to any young person’s heart: bullying (esp. cyber-bullying), anonymity and problematic friendships.

It was in New York that the plot of the novel took a swift nosedive for me. It was FanFiction-esque: delusional and superficial. And I shall explain why I used these two negative adjectives as criticism. Maybe it is because I’m not the “hopeless romantic” type, and some (lovelorn teenagers) may disagree with what I am about to say next, but Penny and Noah’s love is a carbon copy of what many fangirls must envision in their heads when they picture themselves falling in love with their favourite boy band musician – regardless of whether they come from 1D or 5SOS. If anything, the romance between Penny and Noah is actually completely unnecessary for the primary message of the novel: that your words and actions can hurt, that you should think twice before saying them, and that no matter what, if things go terribly wrong, you should still love yourself and know that your family will support you.

So, for me, the Penny and Noah story in the middle of the novel was like the wrong stuffing in a roasted Christmas chicken dinner. Noah was in every way a stock character of the ideal rocker boy. His actions to romance Penny were the most cliched and at-the-top-of-your-head gestures that any boy could attempt to perform if they were willing to devote so much money and time for a girl. His little sister was every cliched angelically adorable attempt to make readers fall in love with her. There was little real about the family – including (dare I say it) the accident of Noah’s parents.

Getting that out of the way, there are moments where Girl Online does shine and communicates its message unexpectedly well. I won’t be ashamed to say that I teared up at some moments in the story – especially since many of the moments seem to parallel the reactions Zoe immediately got after the online communities and media platforms realised that her novel was ghostwritten.

The first time I teared was (and I specifically remember) on page 87. Shall not spoil here, but those who have the book or are reading it should know which part particularly, regarding cyber-bullying. It was an early moment and I believe that a previous incident that happened to me in the past triggered my empathy towards Penny at that particular moment. In today’s day and age, I also believe that this moment should affect a lot of other readers. It is kind of sad how many young people are affected by cyber-bullying, whether it be hateful messages online, “unglam” photos of them posted by people who do not like them, or being ostracised by a group of classmates on the internet.

The later “feels” occurred towards the end of the book around page 288-289. I have a soft spot for characters who are misunderstood or attacked by other individuals. So this part got to me.

I believe the message of the novel was strongest when aspects of who Zoe is as a person shone through. It is apparent that she had a clear role in creating this novel through certain minutiae: the line in which Christmas was her favourite time of the year, the father who is great at homey meals, the Margherita pizza and room service and the bath bombs – and many other things I can’t quite recall at the moment.

Lastly, I feel like I shouldn’t give my overall rating of this book, mostly because I am so torn as to what I should give it. In terms of plot and how it is written, it is comparable to those I read on FictionPress.com. Honestly, if I came across it on FictionPress.com, I would be happy to have found a decently written albeit cheesy plot for a story.

If there is anything you should treat this story as, in terms of story progression, it is a bag of chips – or cookies. It’s probably not good for you, but you want to eat it cause every so often you feel that biting into that chip makes you feel better and more satisfied as a human being. But, in all honesty, when you come out of finishing it, you have to admit to yourself that it probably was a whole bunch of No Good.

But, I can see where it is written from, and that there are good intentions in it and the issues that it attempts to address are still there. I believe that it could have been better if it focused more on those issues and less on romance. Those moments that I previously mentioned were the moments that shined for me and that were the most heartfelt.

Regardless of how wishy-washy the writing process of this novel was, I am still proud of Zoe for how she managed this novel and the criticisms that followed. It is honestly the most beautiful covered book I own at the moment – except maybe my new signed copy of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. And I love how it looks on my bookshelf. So, at the end of the day, I have no regrets buying it. It was honestly the perfect light-hearted read I needed for Christmas.

And, in regard to the entire issue of how the book was ghostwritten and how some have gone up in arms about it, I quote this part of the novel:

I sit on the edge of my bed, staring at my phone in terror. I picture people all over the world reading about me, posting hate-filled messages about me. People I don’t know. People who’ve never even met me.

This was written in the perspective of Penny – but I also believe that it is written very much so in the perspective of Zoe now. I don’t know why, but I feel incredibly protective of her as a person. I can’t imagine what she might be feeling or going through, but I feel that contempt is never justified if you are not personally involved in the situation. I feel like there are many times that we have been prematurely judged by others, and some times where we are unaware that we prematurely judge in return. I guess, the only suggestion I wish to make (not just for others out there but also as a reflection of my own) is to be more sensitive with words and how they may affect others. It’s easy to type blankly into a screen. It is harder to empathise and understand who you are communicating to and the effect your words may have on others.

(I believe that my last paragraph there is an attempt to not only summarise the message of the book but also the irony of the situation in relation to the book and the issues arising from the book in its entirety.)

Lastly, on a more positive (and less convoluted) note: this is the 25th book I’ve read for this year – which means that I completed my goal to read 25 books this year! And I’m so proud of myself now for having been able to accomplish this in light of how busy this year has been. 😀

Also, maybe as a post-postscript (P.P.S), I hope you don’t mind that I posted a Saturday’s Inklings on a Sunday/Monday (depending on your time zone) – and that I wrote it at 2am in the morning for me, which probably explains why this review is not as organised as I probably want it to be.

But I felt it was necessary to get all these words out before I forget them.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤

Weekly Update: Mikky Ekko, Tanya’s Birthday and More Mario Kart 8

7 the rest - sunday

1. Song of the Week: Kids by Mikky Ekko

I think this song pretty much sums up my entire week. I spent the week watching Teen Wolf Season Three which was just really great. This was a song in part one (episode 12, Lunar Ellipse), where Scott responds to the Heart of Darkness quote: “When I feel it, I’m looking into the heart of an immense darkness.” (“So what do you instead?”) “I look for my friends.” Immediately when I heard this song in the background, I went looking for it and now I can’t stop listening to Mikky Ekko songs. Their incredible. Actually, Teen Wolf has a pretty incredible soundtrack as a whole. But then again, it’s an MTV show, so you expect no less.

2. Video of the Week: Tanya’s Birthday Adventures by Zoella

Honestly Zoe’s daily vlogs are like my reality tv series fix. This week it was Tanya Burr’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Tanya!) Watching her vids makes me feel like packing my bags and going to the English suburbs with the deer, the cute little houses, the beautiful wide expanses of grass and beaches and the enormous playgrounds! Living in a city, you really miss freedom and space.

3. LP of the Week: The Ultimate Comeback Mario Kart 8 by ChilledChaos

There were quite a few great LPs this week. But I felt like posting another Mario Kart 8 video by Chilled ’cause this was the first time in a long time he finally (SPOILERS) got the gold cup after Tom’s arrival – and after getting hit by so many shells as well. It was well-deserved.

And, again, no trailers ’cause I’ve been watching more movies than I have been watching trailers (I honestly don’t watch that many trailers unless there really are a couple of awesome movies coming up in the next month or so – and the only one I’m absolutely dying to watch at the moment is The Maze Runner and I’ve shown you that trailer). So, enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

My Top 5 Favourite Female Beauty Youtubers

5 tgfyv - friday

Hi everybody!

I thought that I would break the monotony of having all my 30DBC spamming the home page of my blog and actually post something up that is in regard to my usual seven topics of the week. Plus, today’s 30DBC was a short one, so I decided to add in more content for today. So I thought this would be a complete contrast from the books – videos! (Yes, smart me.)

I have actually been meaning to share a couple of my favourite Youtube girls because I have been introduced to a lot more recently. So, without further ado, let me introduce them:

5. Chrissy Costanza

Watch this video from 4:15 in onwards, because she promotes an app for a very long time in the beginning of this one. But Chrissy, if you might recognise her, is the lead singer of Against the Current! She also has her personal channel where she sometimes does faqs or make-up or beauty videos.

4. Kalel Cullen

Kalel may be better known as the fiance of Anthony from SMOSH, but she is really pretty and, in my opinion, has one of the more unique styles on Youtube. It is sort of a mix of bohemian and Japanese kawaii. I absolutely love the applicator brushes she uses in this video!

3. MsRosieBea

Rosie is one of the newer Youtubers I follow and I found out about her from the Beauty Bootcamp from DailyMix. She stood out to me because of her absolutely beautiful red hair. She is one of my lesser known and growing favourite beauty youtubers.

2. Hannah Maggs

Hannah is another new favourite, along with her adorable baby, Grayson (a.k.a. Squeaky G). I found out about her through her meet-up with Zoe in Brighton. But I’m becoming more and more enchanted by the life she leads. She is a really aspirational youtuber to watch because her skin has such a healthy glow to it and she seems like the nicest person ever.

1. Zoe Suggs

And, yup, I can’t help it, Zoe is definitely my number one go-to-girl. The irony is that she claims she’s not much of a beauty guru on youtube. But I love her look and style. She can carry off the boldest of looks (like black leather tights).

So these are my current favourites on my subscribe list. If you know of anyone who is like these girls, do recommend them to me! ❤ I am so glad finally list them all out. This is a bit of indulgent blogging on my end. I hope you enjoyed nonetheless.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤

Weekly Update: Rebecca Black Discovers ‘Saturday’

7 the rest - sunday

It’s Sunday! And I spent most of it asleep, to be honest, ’cause it’s been steady rain outside the entire afternoon. I had a crazy dream where I was riding a skateboarding, following one of my friends who had just learnt to ride a bicycle around the zoo and underwater world. I have no idea why it was so soothing to just keep riding back and forth like idiots. But somehow it occupied a good few hours of my sleep.

I’ve been in a pretty good mood lately. I hope it’ll last throughout this month – actually I think it is because of this month. If you haven’t been having such a great week – though I wouldn’t know why ’cause it’s the weekend currently – or if you’re sad that you have to go to work when you just feel like you’re in a holiday mood, here’s a cute gif of a – is it a lemur? – confused marsupial getting tickled:

Now, let’s get to the weekly (yes, I’m making it weekly instead of fortnightly) favourite videos!

1. Favourite Song of the Week: Saturday by Rebecca Black & Dave Days

I think it’s natural to have preconceived notions that this song should be terrible. But it’s not.

2. Favourite Video of the Week: Buying And Decorating The Christmas Tree | VLOGMAS by MoreZoella

I can’t help it, I have to put this as my favourite at the moment ’cause I’ve been following her Vlogmas ritually – her and Alfie’s and Tanya’s and sometimes Jim’s. They always have something amazing going on and everything in England seems so beautiful during Christmas time. I walk out of my house and all there is is rain and everything is wet.

3. Favourite LP of the Week: Hide N’ Seek – THE GREAT ESCAPE by AntVenom

I’ve seen quite a number of Hide N’ Seek episodes from different Youtube Minecrafters, but none like this. AntVenom definitely takes the cake – and probably a very loaded one cause he seemed way too high during this video.

4. Favourite Trailer of the Week: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Trailer

I may get so much hate for this but I actually love the cast of the new Spider-man than the Tobey Maguire version. So I can’t wait for the sequel. Also, I’m just waiting for his universe to start coinciding with the other Avengers – will that ever happen? I feel so ignorant in this department, so maybe someone can fill me in.

Meanwhile, it is now officially the second week of December! And I can feel my holiday period ending so – no, happy thoughts!

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

A Little Bit of Vlogmas

5 tgfyv - friday

It’s Friday! And I’ll be going to see Frozen soon, and I can’t wait to hear Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff sing. Yesterday I posted out my Secret Santa gift. And I’ve just been watching so many Vlogmas videos on Youtube. My favourite one to follow is the pair Zoella and Alfie. So here’s me sharing their day four.

Their videos always put me in the Christmas spirit. So I hope it spreads some Christmas cheer!

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤