30DMC Day 22: A movie that you know practically the whole script of

Hey everyone!

So I’m back for another 30DMC. Before I start with today’s challenge, make sure you check out Rhey of Sunshine’s blog for her side of the challenge. We’re tackling this challenge together.

So, I’m not actually one to know or try to memorise the entire script of a movie – sometimes if I watch a movie too many times, then I may be able to recite it completely during that particular time period – but apart from that, it’s pretty standard that I’ll forget it all after a year or so. So here is a list of three movies that I have, at one time or the other, remembered the whole script of.

1. The Parent Trap


Yes, it’s the Lindsey Lohan debut movie where Lohan was awesome sauce before she became just … sauce.

This movie is about twins who were separated when young ’cause of their parent’s divorce, Annie sent to live with her mother in London, and Hallie sent to live with her father in the vineyards of California. They one day meet at a girl’s summer camp where they hatch a plan to get their parents together for good. However, a lot of obstacles stand in their way.

And after that plot summary is over, Natasha Richardson R.I.P. 😦

This one movie is an added bonus, ’cause not only did my brother and I know the entire script to this movie at the time when we watched it on endless loop, but we also knew the twins and Martin the Butler’s secret handshake. Yes, that’s right, we rewinded the scene on the dock (back when we had to rewind video cassettes) and tried to memorise the entire handshake – or more like we did. We succeeded. And if you don’t remember, here’s a video for you:

I think a lot of the way Hallie and Annie spoke shaped my ten-year-old self.

Annie: [Hallie is getting ready to cut Annie’s hair] Don’t shut YOUR eyes!
Hallie: Okay, sorry. Got a little nervous!
Annie:YOU’RE nervous? An 11 year-old is cutting my hair!
Hallie: Hey, you sounded just like me!
Annie: Well, I’m supposed to, aren’t I?

This movie solidified my love of Beatles music (“Here Comes the Sun”), for London, my fear of lizards (especially ones that decide to call my mouth their new cavern) – and probably wild birds, and my love for (the idea of) a royal flush in poker. I watched this film so many times in a row when I was little, I practically lived their story again and again. And, last but not least, I’m more of an Annie than a Hallie.

2. Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams


Okay, this one is an entirely embarrassing admittance, but I knew that this film would turn up somewhere in this 30 Day Movie Challenge, although I have been avoiding it like a plague of cicadas.

For some reason, Spy Kids 2 was my brother and I’s go-to movie when there was really nothing we could agree on watching. And, yes, this meant that, and one point in time, we were in-synch with the script. The story follows Carmen and Juni as they attempt to reclaim their spy levels by going on a mission to a mysterious island to solve its, ahem, mysteries before a rival pair of sibling spies do the same.

To what extent, you may ask did my brother and I manage to memorise the script? To the incredibly embarrassing extent that we both knew the full names of Carmen and Juni – Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Costa-Brava Cortez and Juni Rocket Racer Rebel Cortez. Yup, I got the tougher one to memorise.

Oh, but in our defence, this movie has a 74% fresh tomatoes on Rotten Tomatoes from critics which puts it higher in critic’s eyes than the latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. Amazing, huh?

3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


Last but not least, the script that I probably had memorised to a tee. And no, imdb.com, it’s “Philosopher’s” not “Sorcerer’s” as default – J.K. Rowling herself made it very clear how much she regretted letting the Americans change the title to that.

I’m pretty sure, Rhey of Sunshine, saw this coming. Yes, the movie I have memorised. If there were any movie to fit this challenge, this one is it.

I think we all know the plot of Harry Potter by now, and if not, shame on you! Yes, you Burnie Burns. It’s the story of an orphan boy who finds out on his eleventh birthday that he is a wizard and his parents were wizards too. He then travels to his wizarding school of Hogwarts and makes friends, enemies and learns of his fate in the magical world.

If my brother and I watched The Parent Trap and Spy Kids 2 on infinite loop, us watching the first Harry Potter movie is basically us breaking the space-time continuum. There was literally two weeks where we watched this movie every. freaking. day. 

My most memorable scene?

Harry: Knight to E-5.
Ron: Queen to E-5.
Hermione: That’s totally barbaric!
Ron: That’s wizard’s chess. I see you’ve packed.
Hermione: See you haven’t.
Ron: Change of plans. My parents decided to go to Romania to visit my brother, Charlie. He’s studying dragons there!
Hermione: Good. You can help Harry, then. He’s going to go the library for information on Nicholas Flamel.
Ron: We’ve looked a hundred times!
Hermione: Not in the restricted section…Happy Christmas.

Did you read it in their voices? ‘Cause I did. Here’s the scene to help you.

I think I practically drove my parents nuts with my memorised scenes. I’d recite them on cue. When my mum brought my friends, my brother and I on an imitation-version of the Hogwarts Express, we recited this scene non-stop.

So, if it’s not already apparent, I used my brain space as a kid for not very useful purposes. But, heck, if the Earth’s livelihood depended on me reciting lines from The Parent TrapSpy Kids 2 or the first Harry Potter movie, you can thank me, human beings, for being your saviour.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤


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