Weekly Update! Geeky Acapella, Let’s Pollute and Pokemon Snap!

7 the rest - sunday

Hey guys!

So another weekend is over and a new week is on its way. This week seems to have gone by so fast – and right now I’ve already corrected five mistakes (that seem slightly dyslexic) while typing this and I feel like even attempting this post is a slight mistake.

So, this week I think I’ll be absolutely relieved once it’s over. I have two huge things to get over. One on Monday and the other on Friday – okay, Friday is less of an ordeal and more of like I need to just get past it.

This weekend has been a strange one. I slept a lot on Saturday. I woke up at 11am and then took a three hour nap in the afternoon in which I had a Maze Runner style zombie apocalypse dream that still plays in my mind for some reason.

Today I wanted to write a post about something on my mind, that I felt like I wanted to just type out – but I didn’t. And right now my mind is so tired that I feel like if I even attempt to write it out it will only be semi-coherent, and that’s not the effort I want to put into that kind of a post.

So, I think I’ll stick to this post today. Let’s move on to my favourites for this week. I think I’ll (I realise I said that twice too soon) have two for each category this week, ’cause I can’t really decide. Indecision and exhaustion seem to come hand-in-hand at the moment.

1. Songs of the Week: ‘Catch In The Dark’ by Passenger

Passenger never fails to make me feel reminiscent and … ugh, I can’t think of the word, that’s how bad I am at the moment. What’s a word that means ‘in deep thought’? Oh wells, screw it. Yeah, this song just puts me in a place. See, can’t even come up with an adjective.

and ‘Pallet Town’ Acapella by Smooth McGroove

I just found the amazingness that is Smooth McGroove and I am in love with his geeky acapella covers. I was contemplating – Oh! Fudge, that’s the word I could have used earlier. Contemplative mood – oh well. Yeah, well I was contemplating which song to put in for him, debating between this one and the Little Big Planet 3’s “Secret Gardens” … Honestly I like the “Secret Gardens” one better. But the Pallet Town one just fills me with nostalgia.

2. Videos of the Week: Let’s Pollute by Geefwee Boedoe

I was looking for good short films and I came across this gem. It was nominated for an Oscar for Short Film (Animated) in 2011.

and Avengers Family Feud by Jimmy Kimmel Live

I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen this this week, but if you haven’t, please do.

3. LPs of the Week: The Real ChilledChaos (Town of Salem) by CriousGames

Yeah, it’s Town of Salem again. Honestly if there is a ToS video, it’ll most likely be in my favourites.

and Pokemon Snap by Game Grumps (Ross and ProJared)

I spent the whole of this week following this Pokemon Snap series and it honestly brings so much nostalgia. I remember so many of the hidden tricks to getting those rare pokemon shots, and they all just came flooding back to me. It was hilarious that I was so annoyed at how badly Ross handled the camera.

Well, it’s been a long week. Let me apologise if you came across any stupid typos in this post. I tried to keep it at a minimum – but there will inevitably be one or two I miss out on in this exhausted stupor of mine. I will be spending the next few minutes brushing my teeth, watching one last video and then turning in.

Wish me luck for this week. I wish you luck in yours. Let us find moments of happiness and sanity and clarity in this mess together.

Till next time!

cumuloq <3

Weekly Update! Walk the Moon, Prank Calls and Don’t Trust Chilled!

7 the rest - sunday

Hey everyone!

So .. thanks to this Buzzfeed post on absolutely sadistic things you can do in Sims, I completely exhausted all my time this weekend creating eight absolutely lovely – but evidently flawed – Sim characters, one beautiful mansion .. and proceeded to kill off one at a time every Sunday in a ruthless game show where the least popular dies.

This included multiple tournaments of beer pong and table tennis, countless bonfire parties, one party challenge, one job challenge, one writing challenge, one tombs and crypts challenge and one week of just hooking up and breaking up that was just ridiculous – and now I’m down to three Sim characters.

And now it’s Sunday, and I am just tying up the loose ends of the things I’m actually supposed to do – which does not include paying off my phone bill, transferring money to my parents and doing a test I’ve been putting off for ages. But que sera sera.

Let’s just get to the recap of this week’s favourites, shall we?

1. Song of the Week: Avalanche by Walk the Moon

Frankly, this entire week I’ve just been absolutely addicted to Walk the Moon songs. They are my favourite band of the moment. Just all of their songs – and all of their absolutely ridiculous and amazing homemade music videos. There’s just so much to love about them.

2. Video of the Week: Prank Calls with my Sister by ThatcherJoe

Honestly, Joe is so flippin’ creative. But sometimes his best videos are those in which he just tries to prank call his friends. And bringing Zoe into it makes it even more hilarious.

3. LP of the Week: Can’t Trust Chilled (Town of Salem) by CriousGamers

There’s honestly nothing more satisfying in Town of Salem than being able to fool your comrades. Sometimes Chilled fails like crazy. And sometimes he wins beyond belief. This game kind of shows a bit of both.

So, I hope you guys had a great weekend. I feel like this week is going to be a pressure cooker of a week for me. And coming out of it will not make me into a diamond – because the week after that will be even more ruthless. Maybe the week after that will be kinder.

I just know that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for me (with whatever is going on in my life) and I can almost reach it, but there are a few hills in the way clouding the view. (Wait .. why are there hills in my metaphorical tunnel??)

Can’t think straight no more. Gonna go back and listen to more Walk the Moon to make me ignorantly happy.

Goodnight, guys!

cumuloq <3

Sibling Love to Make You Smile

1 silver lining - monday

Hi peeps!

So if you’re sad that the long weekend has ended, and that you need to get back to your daily grind, here is a video to cheer you up – or if you’re like me, send a person on the brink of tearing up.

This is the second Ellie Wilson video I’m posting up here in a row, but this one’s her latest, and it is honestly so sweet:

There’s something that absolutely gets me about this video. Emilia is on her way to becoming a wonderful big sister to her little brother, Eduardo. Every time a Sacconejoly vlog starts she’s always calling his name and running over to greet him as he wakes from his sleep. Jonathan will sometimes find her in his room early in the morning, embracing him as he gets over his morning crankiness. There is just something so heartwarming about seeing it. It makes everything bad in the world right.

I’m an older sister too, and watching them bond and grow up, it kind of makes me reflect on how I’m really close to my brother as well. Sometimes the way Eduardo looks at Emilia in that “how are you going to behave?” way kind of reminds me how my brother will sometimes look at me during difficult situations to know how to behave. Conversely, I like feeling like I can help him out when he’s having difficulties.

It’s a love-hate relationship that I wouldn’t give up.

So I hope this video gave you some good feels to keep you going this week. :)

Keep at it, friends!

cumuloq <3

Weekly Update! More Mikky Ekko, Trials Fusion and Emilia Sacconejoly!

7 the rest - sunday

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on Sunday. Four months to be exact. I did one update in the beginning of this year and never continued – but let’s just leave that where it is (in the past). Currently I’m halfway through what others may term the “hell” point of getting my postgraduate diploma. I’m just slowly crawling towards the end where holidays and long days of sleeping-in await me.

I wasted the whole of yesterday and today catching up with videos, which means that I’m in the perfect position to share my favourites of this week …

1. Song of the Week: Watch Me Rise by Mikky Ekko

I’ve been listening to this in the background of all the LPs I’ve watched this weekend. It’s actually incredible as a potential workout track – but I don’t exercise.

2. Video of the Week: Emilia Tommasina Sacconejoly by Ellie Wilson

I watched this entire thing and was just filled with emotions. Ellie Wilson does such amazing fan videos for the Sacconejoly family, but this one just hit a soft spot.

3. LP of the Week: ChilledChaos’ Trials Fusion Multiplayer series

I have no idea why, but I’ve been so hooked on watching Trials this week. It’s reminiscent of Elasto Mania which I used to play on PC with my brother when we were younger. So it gave me so many nostalgic feels.

So, I will catch you next week! I hope that I can make more weekly updates, if anything. Though I can’t promise anything for maybe the next five weeks. I feel like I can only be more consistent on this blog around the second week of May.

But I’ll keep blogging regardless. Don’t worry about that.

Till next time!

cumuloq <3

In the Spotlight: This Wild Life

5 tgfyv - friday

Hey everyone!

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve posted a TGFYV. But I thought it was apt, after having done the 30 Day Song Challenge, that I share this band that I just found and have been listening to for the past few hours.

They are called This Wild Life and are an acoustic pop-punk duo with Kevin Jordan on vocals and Anthony Del Grosso on guitar. I heard their song from Becca Rose; they were the background music to her makeup tutorial. But I had to stop the tutorial just to look them up. But enough talking, I’ll let you hear how wonderful they are.

and lastly, I thought this song was very apt because it references Easter … but only in words, not theme:

Enjoy your weekend, guys!

cumuloq <3

Overview of the 30 Day Song Challenge

Hi everyone!

So we’ve reached the end of the 30 Day Song Challenge – a song or song-related prompt for every day over the course of 30 days. I have to say that at the end of the challenge, I’m firstly thankful that I once again did it with Rhey of Sunshine. It was wonderful to see her choices and to also have someone who I knew would keep me focused on this challenge, especially on days when I legitimately felt like taking a small break.

This song challenge definitely made me consider a lot of aspects of music I hadn’t thought of in a long while. Music used to be in the forefront of my life, especially back when I was 16 and 18. However, it seems as though it has sunk into the backdrops of my life, in small echoes and minute melodies in cafes and shopping stores. Now I’ve explored songs from so many different avenues – and have found new songs to love and old songs to love again.

Credits go to LoveToTheMusic1

Credits go to LoveToTheMusic1

So, for those who have not caught up with the long list of songs that I’ve gone through over the past 30 days, here is the recap of songs that I chose for all those days. Links included for your listening pleasure:

1. The last song you listened to – Smile by Mikky Ekko
2. Last song you purchased – To The Moon OST
3. Favourite song at the moment – Castling (Acoustic) by The Narrative
4. Favourite youtube artist – Sarah Close
5. Favourite male artist – Passenger
6. Favourite female artist – Delta Goodrem
7. Favourite band – Yellowcard
8. Favourite album – From Under the Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy
9. Live gig OR act you want to see – Relient K
10. Guilty pleasure song – The Last Unicorn by Dan Avidan
11. Favourite song from a video game – Everything’s Alright by Laura Shigihara
12. Favourite song from an advert – Australia Home from Qantas
13. Favourite song from a TV show – Light Up the Night by The Protomen
14. Favourite song from a film – Test Drive by Steve Jablonsky from How to Train Your Dragon
15. Favourite song from a musical – Bui Doi from Miss Saigon
16. Theme song of your childhood – Pumpernickel Bread from Barney
17. First song/album you ever bought – Strawberry Kisses by Nikki Webster
18. Album you found accidentally and love – Popaganda by Head Automatica
19. Group you wish had never split – Blink-182
20. Song you want to play at your wedding – Endlessly by The Cab
21. Song you want to play at your funeral – Everything’s Alright by Laura Shigihara
22. Song that reminds you of a specific event – Vanilla Twilight by Owl City
23. Favourite mainstream song – Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon
24. Favourite funny song – Why I Cry by Ninja Sex Party
25. Favourite foreign language song – Comme Des Enfants by Coeur De Pirate
26. Favourite sad song – All Too Well by Taylor Swift
27. Favourite pick-me-up song – I Wanna Get Better by Against the Current feat. The Ready Set
28. Favourite song to dance to – Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye
29. Song you would recommend to everyone – Riptide by Taylor Swift
30. All time favourite song – I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Okay, the entire time I was doing the above links I was just listening to “Why I Cry” by NSP.

Thank you all those who have followed me through! It was awesome. Seriously. Stay updated for any future challenges to come. Possibly not next month, because I am currently very busy IRL. But maybe in May or June.

Till then,

cumuloq <3