Favourite Albums of 2015: Whispers


Hey guys!

So this is another album that I just fell in love with in 2015, even though it came out in 2014: Whispers by Passenger. This indie pop/folk album is as much love as the previous two albums that I’ve mentioned, and it really doesn’t disappoint in terms of lyrics and melody. Passenger continues to be just amazing in terms of both songwriting and vocals. Mike’s voice is just so uniquely soothing and heartbreaking.

This is the perfect album to listen to when sitting in a coffeeshop trying to contemplate where you’re going to head next in your life, or backpacking in the Europe countryside, trying to find yourself. It’s better to think of this album as one collective set of journeys and stories than to separate individual songs, better to blur them together into one painting, but that’s my suggestion.

However, here’s my usual ranking of the songs, favourite verses included once more, so you can choose which one strikes you more:

11. Start A Fire

My cliff face is crumbling
Silently tumbling
Down to the water below
And if I light a match I’ll be able to catch
The last sun before it goes

10. Riding To New York

Through the fields of Ohio as the sunshine paints them gold.
I run just like a river runs, rapid, quick and cold.

9. Bullets

He’s been collecting since the age of nine
Every shiny bullet that he could find
Built himself a house with the wooden floors
Put the shiny bullets in a chest of drawers

8. Thunder

Hey I go chasing thunder
Go dancing under
Go falling free
Hey I go running in circles
Like baby turtles
Down to the sea
Down to the sea

7. Rolling Stone

Sometimes I feel like I’m falling
Falling fast and falling free
She said my darling you’re not falling
Always looked like you were flying to me

6. Golden Leaves

Now my dear we are two golden leaves
Clinging desperately to winter trees
Got up here like a pair of thieves
While the sirens blare outside

5. Coins in A Fountain

There’s a sad old sea but my love is an island
Wild and free like the hills in the highlands
Hope is a breeze that brings me back to dry land
Where the flowers grow

4. Whispers

Well I spent my money, I lost my friends, I broke my mobile phone,
3 a.m. and I’m drunk as hell, and I’m dancing on my own,
Taxi-cabs ain’t stopping, and I don’t know my way home,
Well it’s hard to find a reason, when all you have is doubts,
Hard to see inside yourself when can’t see your way out,
Hard to find an answer when the question won’t come out …

3. Scare Away The Dark

Well, we wish we were happier, thinner and fitter,
We wish we weren’t losers and liars and quitters
We want something more not just nasty and bitter
We want something real not just hash tags and Twitter

2. 27

27 birthdays, 27 new years
30,000 quid, just so I could have a few beers
Ever dying old hopes, ever growing new fears
Don’t know where I’m going, but I know how I got here

1. Heart’s On Fire

Well I don’t know where and I don’t know when
But I know we’ll be lovers again
I’ll see you some day before the end
I don’t know where and I don’t know when

For me, “27” and “Scare Away The Dark” seem to be echoes of one another, but not necessarily thesis and anti-thesis; they seem to be both angry-happy-sadness at what has passed and how we should be living our lives. Meanwhile “Bullets” and “Riding To New York” are clear narrative-based songs that tell stories of people who seem to have lost everything except something small they cling desperately to that keep them going.

Anywho, if you want to listen to the full album, Passenger nicely has it all up on their Youtube channel. So you can check it out here. Another album you should check out, and that I have yet to get myself acquainted to is “Whispers 2”, which is here. This one came out this year – but apparently I’m a year slow for all most of my albums.

I hope you’re enjoying these new albums so far.

Well, till next time!

cumuloq ❤


Favourite Albums of 2015: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness


Hey guys!

Back with another album I absolutely fell in love with in 2015: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. I say this because the album for today is a bit of a cheatsy-doodles. It came out in August 12, 2014. But I only discovered it this year and fell in love with all the songs. Like literally all of them. I had to stop myself from inserting it into every freaking one of my Youtube playlists. I feel it warrants being in this overview of my favourite albums of 2015.

If you’ve never heard of Andrew McMahon, maybe you’ve heard of Jack’s Mannequin or maybe Something Corporate, all punk-rock bands from the 90s and 20s. He was the lead singer for those bands, and this is his wonderful indie pop baby post-punk-rock-band-days. These songs are perfect to listen to while travelling – on a train, on a bus, in a car, on a plane. The lyrics are just filled with images of long car rides, looking out of the window, missing loved ones and wonderful barren scenery.

The first song I heard off this album was “Cecilia and the Satellite” and I listened to every single version of the song over and over again. I then went to check out more of the songs in the album and loved all of them just as much.

Here’s the ranking of the songs in the album, favourite lines and verses included:

10. Canyon Moon

She couldn’t handle another season
Another ocean of fiction blue
Said a prayer to a dashboard Jesus
Death Valley and worn out shoes

9. Driving Through a Dream

Straighter than the flat line freeway
That’s the way your hair falls down
We could watch the trains from the tightrope
Chase the dark

8. Rainy Girl

The sun is coming up for me
Blackbird on a wire sings a song
So blue

7. Halls

When I left town we were heading for the altar
And I told you I’d be back before too long
Cut my hair and I found me a new girlfriend
Thought a broken heart could write a perfect song
And it did and I was right so now you’re gone

6. Black and White Movies

As the summer came and left with the rain
Pushing shadows down the road
In this old beach town when the sun goes down
All the gray turns into gold

5. High Dive

Headlight in the driveway
You stand in the window waiting
The stars are out tonight
One million fires burning

Out there on the high dive
You dance with your headphones on
And I could watch you all night long
Dancing to someone else’s song

4. See Her on The Weekend

And I’m alright, I think we’re good
Yeah, I drink more than the doctors say I should
I’ve been a little hard to reach, but my girl is at the beach
And I’ll see her on the weekend

3. Maps for the Getaway

Following the outline of your face
I can see your breath move in the dark
Through all the autopilot years
The tears of joy, the face of fear
Now that we’re not hiding
Somehow you’re still riding in my car

2. All Our Lives

I thought “If I could tell her something I would tell her this
There’s only two mistakes that I have made
It’s running from the people who could love me best
And trying to fix a world that I can’t change.”

1. Cecilia and the Satellite

Through all the things my eyes have seen
The best by far is you

As mentioned, all the lyrics are just beautiful. I guess that’s a definite criteria for me for a good album, just something with so much meaning in every line. Honestly I feel like every song in this album is almost on par with one another. Whereas Fall Out Boy’s album I could easily divide the songs I could love forever and the songs that I’m not that fond of, this album has every song fighting for attention. Even when ranking them, one particular song, “Hall”, just stood out as something special. I have a feeling that if I listened to this album just a couple more times that song will just crawl up to first and beg for attention.

If you want to listen to the full album, you can listen to it on Youtube here (though I’m not sure for how long, ’cause it’s not an official link).

Honestly, so ridiculously in love with this album and I hope you fall in love with it too if you already haven’t.

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤

Favourite Albums of 2015: American Beauty / American Psycho


Hello guys,

It’s been a real long while since I’ve actually written anything specific for my “Thursday: my soundtrack” category. But since this is December and I am doing a round-up of things here and there, let me just share some of my favourite albums from this year.

I think ever since the extinction of cassette tapes and CDs, I haven’t actually been listening to artists according to their albums anymore, which is a shame cause that’s where I usually find my favourite songs – not from their breakout singles but from one of their other tracks. I have the habit of falling in love with the second last or last song in an album. Don’t ask me why, but I do.

For Fall Out Boy’s new album “American Beauty / American Psycho”, I just had to listen to the entire album – especially since they released the songs one after the other one night on Youtube and the lyrics were just so sharp and the melodies so catchy. Fall Out Boy has definitely solidified their place as such reliably amazing album churners.

So here’s my ranking of their songs off the album:

11. Fourth of July
10. American Beauty / American Psycho
9. Uma Thurman
8. Novocaine
7. Favourite Record
6. Irresistible
5. Centuries
4. Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel in NYC)
3. Immortals
2. Jet Pack Blues
1. The Kids Aren’t Alright

Honestly, I think number 6, “Irresistible”, onwards are just absolutely solid tracks that I would listen to again and again. “The Kids Aren’t Alright” and “Jet Pack Blues” are amazing emotional pop-rock ballads and “Immortals”, “Twin Skeleton’s” and “Centuries” are fist-pumping rock finishers that I’d be happy to dance to at the beginning or the end of a concert. And I won’t discount the rest either, ’cause if there’s anything I’ve learnt from Fall Out Boy albums, the more I listen to them, the more those forgotten tracks slowly crawl up to favourite status and the more the most immediately loved ones fall behind … or should I say out? Get it? Okay, I’ll stop.

You can listen to their entire album on their Youtube page, and remixes of the tracks above too. So check that out.

And till next time!

cumuloq ❤

Ranking the Songs from Taylor Swift’s Album “1989”



Hey everyone!

I realise I usually never post anything related to music on Thursdays – even though I have an entire day reserved for it. So today I thought I’d go ahead and rank my favourite songs off of Taylor Swift’s Deluxe Album “1989”. So here they are:

16. Wonderland
15. Wildest Dreams
14. Shake It Off
13. Bad Blood
12. New Romantics
11. How You Get the Girl
10. I Know Places
9. Style
8. Welcome to New York
7. I Wish You Would
6. Out of the Woods
5. Blank Space
4. You Are In Love
3. All You Had to Do Was Stay
2. This Love
1. Clean

“Clean” was kind of an instant favourite. I remember only listening to 10 seconds of it on iTunes and immediately loving it. Click here to listen to Ingrid Michaelson performing a cover of it. ❤

“This Love” kind of slowly crawled its way up as a favourite and took me by surprise. It’s just soothing to listen to on the bus ride at 9pm to my hall dorm. “You Are In Love” is more experimental is better in a quiet room where you can really think of the negative spaces in the song (can negative spaces apply to music? I just did ..)

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

Songs to Refresh Your Week

4 my soundtracks - thursday

Mid-weeks are rarely fun. All the work you refused to do in the beginning of the week is biting you in the behind (keeping it PG here), people pushing you for deadlines, asking you questions you guiltily have no answers to, and then you still have more days before this week ends.

Here are a few songs that hope to make it all better.

For the Early Mornings

Great Escape – Mike Dignam

A UK singer and songwriter for your ears. If you like this song, I strongly suggest that you make the rest of his songs your anthem for this mid-week. I recommend the song “Young” as well.  Check them out at his Youtube channel.

Talking Dreams – Echosmith

Echosmith, an indie pop band from LA, is currently my go-to music fix. Sydney is unbearably gorgeous and her brothers, Jamie, Noah and Graham, are solid players. They’ve been getting quite a lot of hype recently ’cause of their single “Cool Kids” – but I think “Talking Dreams” and some of their other songs are deserving of more limelight.

For the Late Nights

Raise Your Love – Rhodes

RHODES is another talented musician from the UK. His more popular song is “Breathe” which is amazing beyond belief, but I thought I’d share his performance of “Raise Your Love” under the Mahogany Sessions instead because it really showcases his unique voice.

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

5 Songs I Keep Going Back to Lately

4 my soundtracks - thursday

These are the songs that I currently continuously hum or just end up singing. They range from the most random, the most loved and the most embarrassing. So consider this a mini-guide of all the songs I’m probably humming under my breath these days – just ’cause they keep getting stuck in my head.

1. Amnesia – 5 Seconds of Summer

I listened to this like crazy on repeat – all the various covers of this a week or so ago. Now I keep singing it. I even had a dream where I learnt all the guitar chords and woke up pretty disappointed that I didn’t. So, yes, this would probably be the one that is stuck in my head a lot these days.

2. This Will Be the Day – Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams

I have no idea why, but it seems like there is a trend of me humming this one when I’m going up and down the stairs in my uni’s dorm and only during those times.

3. Belle (Little Town) – Beauty and the Beast

I have this new mug that has Belle stepping into the TARDIS, and when I look at it I always end up singing the reprise version of this song, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell!” And this eventually ends up with me singing the original one. My favourite verse is when she’s sitting by the fountain and telling the sheep her favourite book, “Oh, isn’t this amazing? It’s my favourite part because, you see, when she meets Prince Charming, but she doesn’t realise it’s him till chapter three!” (I probably got parts of that wrong ’cause I was writing it off the top of my head – yes, singing as well.)

4. Game of Thrones Opening

My boyfriend caught me humming this recently. And yeah, I pretty much just go “dun dun dunna dun dun dunna dun dun dunna dun dun – dun dun dunnan dun dunnanan …”

5. Little Things – One Direction

And I round it off with another embarrassing boy band song that I like to sing alone in my room. This one just comes to me every so often these days. And it usually starts with “You won’t go to bed without a cup of tea” – when I’m making myself a cup of tea or drinking it.

Well, what songs to do you hum lately? Let me know! 🙂

Till next time!

cumuloq ❤

5 Songs for A Quiet Night Alone

4 my soundtracks - thursday

Since it’s been my (duly deserved) two weeks break this June, I’ve been searching for relaxing alternative music for my quiet nights alone, for blogging, or just scrolling down my dashboard on Tumblr, or for playing Peggle. So, I thought I’d like to share with you some of my finds.

These are five songs that I consider awesome to play on repeat for those nights when you’re up till three in the morning, those nights when you’re left with only you and your thoughts, and when you feel a little like your old teenage self again – questioning where you want to head in life, and wondering whether you’ve done everything right.


Oh, and I’d like to thank Teen Wolf for inspiring me with this playlist, ’cause frankly it was ’cause of looking up Mikky Ekko songs that the first song appeared on my Youtube homepage …

1. Whirlpool by Sea Wolf

2. Tenenbaum by The Paper Kites

3. Feel Real by Deptford Goth

4. Get Me Golden by Terraplane Sun

5. Nothing Like You and I by The Perishers

I’ve actually collected quite a few solid tunes into a playlist that I can listen to on loop at night. It’s like having friends in my headphones while the entire house is asleep. Yup, I’m an absolute night owl when it comes to holidays. My entire sleeping schedule just goes head over heels.

So, this one is for all the night owls. Hoot hoot.

cumuloq ❤