Weekly Update: The Protomen, SFPlays and Disney’s Frozen

7 the rest - sunday

It’s sad to see another weekend go. Funny how you appreciate it more when you have weekdays filled with responsibilities. But I have to say that this weekend was definitely eventful. If anything, I wish I had spent more time resting and less time spending money.

This week I caught up with the new season of Glee. The first episode was disappointing for me. I wish it concentrated more on the New York side and less on McKinley High – which doesn’t interest me as much anymore. I caught up with my America’s Next Top Model. But I have yet to catch up with Once Upon a Time. A lot of time was spent catching up with my Youtube videos. A lot more time was spent outside instead of in front of my computer and even less in front of the television – which is probably how it should be, eating Key Lime Pie, and shopping.

Another thing is how interested I am as to how my life will turn out in a year from now, how much I’m going to learn from all these new experiences I’m currently having. I know it’s kind of vague here, but if there’s one thing I can share it’s that a new job, especially one that you grow to love, is sometimes like an out-of-body experience. If anything, right now, I’m kind of looking forward (and also slightly dreading) what may happen in the span of a year from now.

But enough for now, here are my favourite things of this week.

1. Song of the Week: The Protomen – Act II – Light Up The Night

2. Youtube Video of the Week: Sports with NERDS – SFPlays with PhillyD

3. Let’s Play of the Week: Captainsparklez’s Minecraft: The Building Game w/ Friends

4. Trailer of the Week: Disney’s Frozen

Till next time,

cumuloq ❤


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